JULY 2023


Yesterday my family celebrated the 4th of July, one of our most favorite holidays. I always like to take some time and reflect on what a tremendous blessing it is to live in a country where we enjoy the privilege of so many freedoms. We also enjoy the ability to work hard and earn a decent living. If we so choose, we can work hard to own a home and build wealth for our family. Beyond that we can potentially build more wealth through investment properties. We have done that and it is something that I know will pay off down the road ten times over or more. If you are in a position where you would like to invest some of your wealth and see it grow, let's have a chat! I have personal experiences that I can share and lots of tips!

MAY 2023


The market is pretty interesting this Spring. Interest rates still aren't great, but the last two homes I have sold had multiple offers and sold quickly. It just goes to show that no matter the market, if your home is priced well and marketed correctly, it will sell. However, if you are priced above 600k it may take a while longer. There are fewer buyers in that price range. Send me a message if you would like to know what your home could sell for in this current market!

MARCH 2023


My, how the market is already starting to change. We have had a few slow months due to higher interest rates, but things are really starting to pick up. Sellers are already starting to get multiple offers again! Some buyers of mine offered on a home that had 8 offers. Wow! The rates are still somewhat high, but my thought is that people are sick of waiting. They want to get into a home, despite the rates, because they know that at some point the rates will come down and they can refinance. Most buyers right now are taking advantage of rate buydowns, in particular 2-1 buydowns. Some buyers of mine just closed on a gorgeous new condo. Their rate buydown was at 4%, and the second year it will go to 5%, and then back to 6% where it will stay. However, within those first two years there is a high chance that they will be able to refinance to a lower rate permanently. Pretty cool! Reach out to me if you would like more info.



Happy new year!  Like many others, I have made a couple of new year's resolutions.  I want to be more healthy by exercising regularly, and I want to be more generous in all aspects of my life.  This will include my professional work as a Realtor. Throughout the year 2023 I will offer to my clients, and any referrals, the following services, FREE OF CHARGE!

1. A free comparitive home analysis that can tell you approximately what your home is worth in today's market,


2. A free home evaluation. This would be helpful for anyone looking to sell their home in the near or distant future.  I can come in and offer my advice as to what you can do to improve your home's value and give it more curb appeal.


3. A free home warranty! For any client of mine that buys or sells a home with me in 2023, I will pay for your home warranty. This is a $500 value!!


Call or email me if you have any questions and if you would like to take advantage of these great offers, and make it a great new year!



As we head into the winter season I would like to make a suggestion for those of you that have high school students or college students. If you are looking for housing for your college student or future college student, why not help get their foot in the door to home ownership by co-signing on a home loan for them??? Your student can live in the home and then rent out the other rooms to friends or other college students in order to help pay the mortgage. Then when your student has graduated they can choose to stay in the home on their own or sell the home in order to purchase a home where they land with a new job. It is a win-win! Contact me for any questions or to talk it through a little more. 

SEPT 2022

After more than 15 years of being a Realtor, I have been super fortunate to make and keep lots of great relationships with my friends/clients. They often send me referrals for people they know that are looking to buy or sale. I so very much appreciate that, and it is truly the best compliment you can get when you are in my line of work. It is so important to me that every single one of my clients is satisfied with the work I do. I strive to be the best! It has always been my nature to work hard and do well. I get a lot of satisfaction from that. Getting reviews from my clients is always welcome. I have an entire tab on my website dedicated to client reviews! Here is the latest one I just received:

I’m a lender. Have been 19 years and have several rentals so I know something about real estate. But when selling my own home (yes, I chose an agent to help me even with my background, and that agent was Jennifer!), when selling my own home, I found myself with runaway worries and impatient thoughts as the process took longer than we hoped! It helped me relate more with my clients! It can be very worrisome buying and selling your home. This home was one my family lived in for 16 years. It held a lot of memories and pride. The market shifted just as we prepared to sell and home sales slowed way down. I had a price in mind and Jennifer suggested $25k more than that! Since she’s such a boss we agreed and listed the home. We ended up with something like 30 showings so she definitely knows her list prices! But we only got one actual offer. Turns out, it’s the only one we needed. She called us with a few things here and there and managed expectations with the other agent as she counseled with us and helped us make decisions. In the end, we sold for list price in a semi-down market giving only some of it back in concessions. I told you, she’s a boss! She’s super kind and professional in her approach. And she’s also quite firm and persuasive when you need her to be. And boy does she do her homework! We’ll gladly use her again in the future. And we love how she keeps us updated as things move along.

Josh and Tatiana Thomas

JULY 2022


I recently hosted a real estate investing class with my favorite loan officer. We had several attendees that were genuinely interested in building wealth through real estate. A common concern right now is the rising interest rates. As of today they are hovering around 6%. Historically, that is still super low. But I get that compared to 2.5% it seems astronomical. Home prices keep going up, wages typically are going up too, though not as fast, but buying a home is still a good investment, even in today's market! Interest rates will likely go down again in the next year or two, and you can then refinance. It is worth getting a home now though because prices are likely to continue to rise.  Here is a helpful video to watch: 

MAY 2022


Did you the know that the median price in Salt Lake county is now at **$630,000???? That means the median monthly mortgage payment is now over 3k! That just blows my mind. I get asked all the time if the market will be crashing soon. My prediction is that the interest rates will continue to rise, maybe even to 7% by the end of the year, and that prices will hold steady. They likely won't rise too much more, but I don't see them going down much either. We still have too much demand! And as long as people are buying at certain prices, the prices will stay that way. 15 years ago when I was in real estate school I remember vividly being taught that real estate is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. So true! Another issue is that there are lots of very large companies that are buying up properties and renting them out. We need to encourage sellers to pick buyers that are not a corporation, as long as it is still in their best interest. I have a new buyer that is a teacher and she is struggling to find affordable housing anywhere close to where she teaches. That is a problem that we seriously need to consider. Teachers especially should be able to live where, or close by, they work! Okay, soap box rant over :)

MARCH 2022


Happy Spring everyone! This is typically the time of year that the real estate market tends to kick into high gear. The funny thing in Utah is that our market has been in high gear for about a year and a half now. There really has not been a downtime since Spring of 2020. It is so crazy that we have been dealing with this pandemic now for two years. At the very first it negatively affected the real estate market, but that only lasted a couple of months, and then things got really **crazy**, and it hasn't stopped! I have had several clients that have reassessed their families needs and what they really want in a home, or where they really want to be. This pandemic has opened many peoples eyes and made them question what is really important, and that includes their living situation. People continue to work from home more, especially now that gas prices are so high, people are giving more preference to working from home, which means that their commute is no longer a big factor in where they live. A large portion of my business right now is in Utah, Davis and Tooele counties, and I love it! Except for the cost of gas! Let me know if you are looking to buy or sale this year. It is never too early to get a gameplan going.



Happy new year! I can't believe we are already starting the year 2022, but I have a good feeling about this year. Interest rates are expected to rise toward the middle of the year, so don't wait if you are hoping to buy a home. Waiting definitely can end up costing you more in the long run. When we bought our first home in 2005 the interest rates were close to 8%. I had no idea how much that affected our monthly payment. When the rates are low like they are now, your buying power increases quite a bit. Also, if you have thought about getting an investment property, now is a great time. You need 25% down, but most people can tap into their current homes equity for that. Think long-term investment for your financial future. Think long-term investment for your kids. It is well worth it! Real estate is always a great investment in the long run, and sometimes even in the short-term. 



How important are customer reviews/testimonials? I believe they are absolutely critical. When we purchase something on Amazon we always check the rating and reviews right? So shouldn't we expect the same when hiring someone for a very important job? I always ask my clients to write me a review after closing. It is so important to me that my clients were happy with the work and service I provided to them. And if something went wrong, I want to know about it so I can make sure to fix it. It means the world to me when my clients take the time and effort to write me a thoughtful review. Check out my "Testimonials" tab and see the most recent review I received. Tyler and Aubrey were referred to me from my preferred lender. I loved working with them and was able to provide a very positive experience for them, depsite the tough housing market. So satisfying!!



The Salt Lake Board of Realtors provides grants to buyers on a quarterly basis. The grant is for $5,000 and it does not have to be paid back. This quarter the grant is open to buyers who are military personnel, first-responders, or veterans. The deadline to apply is October 22, 2021. Here is the application link: https://slrealtors.com/downpayment-grant/. What a great opportunity this is for homebuyers! If you are considering buying a home this could be a great option. Next quarter the grant will be open to all first-time homebuyers. Contact me for more info!

JULY 2021


It seems as though the market is cooling, but only just a little bit. I am sensing that there is some "buyer fatigue". I mean, I get it. How many rejected offers can some buyers mentally and emotionally handle?? I have been fortunate enough that the last few buyers I have helped have gotten either their first or second offer accepted. Wahoo! That is seriously such a victory. But really, the homes priced over 500k are starting to see less buyers. The homes under 500k are still going pretty quickly, as long as they are not over-priced. I showed a home in Magna that was listed at 240k and I was so excited to show it to my first-time homebuyer because it was in his price range. However, it needed so much work that it was still for sure overpriced. And it is still sitting on the market, even though it is the most affordable single family home in Salt Lake county. 

MAY 2021


Well, the housing market in Utah is still insane. There is about a ratio of 30 buyers for every one seller. So you can imagine how frustrating it is to be a buyer in this market. Our state will need to come up with some housing solutions, and fast. On my Facebook business page I posted a link about a housing complex being built out of shipping containers downtown. What a great idea! Representatives are also trying to pass laws to make it easier to have ADU's, which are accessory dwelling unit's. That means that if you had a good-sized lot, then you could possibly have a tiny home on your land. It would also make it easier to have mother-in-law apartments. There are many cities currently trying to get some high-density housing units. While most residents don't like this idea, it would really help alleviate the housing crisis. We need lots of different solutions! And I believe it would also help if more businesses went to other counties besides Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah counties. We need to expand in more rural areas to help with all the congestion in the valley. We do not need to end up like San Francisco or L.A.!!

MARCH 2021


In over 14 years of being in the real estate business, I have never seen such a difficult market for buyers as I have these last two months. There are many reasons factoring into the current market situation, but the reality is that it is a very hard time to buy. It is still a good time to buy because of great interest rates, rising home prices, but it is HARD. I say that because most buyers are competing against at least ten other offers, some of those are cash offers, and some are buyers that are willing to pay a significant amount over the appraised value. As a Realtor, I care deeply about my clients and I truly want what is best for them. It breaks my heart when I have to deliver bad news. However, when I do finally get to deliver good news it is the absolute best feeling! The key to this market is to hire an amazing Realtor, and to be emotionally prepared for a roller coaster. Understand the process may take a while, but it will surely be worth it in the end. 



Happy new year! I just finished listening to a Housing Forecast meeting for Utah, and guess what, the year 2021 is projected to be another great year for real estate in Utah. A big reason is that the economy here is SO AMAZING! We have such great growth here and a very low unemployment rate. James Wood, Chief Economist with the University of Utah, predicts that home prices will go up 6-8% this year. Right now the median home price is $425,000. He also predicts that interest rates will continue to be low this year. That is really good news! The biggest problem we have in Utah is low inventory. We need more homes! New construction will continue to be booming, but we will also need homeowners to get off the fence and move! Use the equity you have gained in your current home, take advantage of low rates, and get into your forever home. I can help you!!



Happy November! Have you ever thought about owning an investment home? Think "long-term" finances. Where do you want to be when it comes time to retire? Where do you want to be financially when you become empty-nesters? What do you hope to leave for your kids and grandkids? If you don't own your own home yet, that is the first and most important step. If you already own a home, then maybe it is time to consider purchasing a second home. There are a few different financing options you can do, but basically you finance the home, but the tenant pays monthly rent to pay your mortgage. Even if you break even monthly, it is still a good long-term investment. In Utah homes have been appreciating at least 10% a year. That is a lot! So you are paying yourself and gettting a good return. So for my family, instead of doing a college savings plan for our kids, we want to invest in real estate for kids. That being said, we are looking for a great rental home in the West Jordan or Murray area. If you know of anything coming up, please let me know! :)



What a relief that we have made it to Fall,finally! I saw a post online that someone said they can't believe it is September, it feels like March was only 16 years ago! This year has been quite the ride, with lots of ups and downs, but here we are surviving and getting through it. This may end up being my best year as a Realtor, and for that I am so grateful. I never know what business will look like year to year, because the market is changing all of the time, and I can never predict who is going to want to buy or sell and when. However, that is one of the things I love most about my job. It is never the same, ever! I love it when I am super busy, and I also appreciate the down times when I get to catch up on work projects and connecting with my sphere. What would you do with a little extra time?? I think this Covid pandemic has taught us all to appreciate a life simplified, and a life that includes more quality time with our family. Family should always be a top priority! 

JULY 2020


Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents talk about what the interest rates were like when they bought their home? If not, you should definitely ask them. Chances are they were significantly higher than what interest rates are at today. My last buyer closed on their new home with an interest rate of 2.75%. That is AMAZING!! I remember once hearing that the chairman of the Federal Reserve may have more of a real impact on your life than the President of the United States. That is because interest rates significantly affect housing affordability. Even though home prices have gone up a lot, the fact that rates are so low really does help. When we bought our first home in 2005 our rate was about 7.5-8% for a 137,000 mortgage. Our payment would be comparable today to a loan for about 250,000 because the interest rates today are so much better. Make sense? Call me anytime and I am happy to discuss it in more detail. Be sure to take time to educate your kids so they have a good understanding when it comes time for them to buy their first homes!

MAY 2020


Since my last post the world has literally changed. We are dealing with a global pandemic due to COVID-19, and what a whirlwind it has been! I get asked daily how the real estate market has been affected. There have been some affects, but they have been relatively minor. For the most part, homes above 500k are feeling a slow down. Homes under 400k are still moving well. The thing about Utah is that for many years there has been more demand than supply. So if anything this has given buyers more of a fighting chance to actually get into a home. I was working with a cute couple that were first-time homebuyers, and the husband was furloughed from his job temporarily, which meant their dream of buying a home had to be put on hold. Some people are having to wait. Some people are really struggling. Some people are doing okay and hanging in there. I hope we can all come through this stronger, and with a new perspective on life. I know for me there will be things that I may never look at the same again, like going to eat at a packed restaurant, having a family party, holding a baby, or hugging my mom. I will have a new appreciation for all things that we have been missing. But fortunately I am still busy working and grateful for a healthy market!

MARCH 2020

In the year 2015 I was able to help 22 families move into a new home. It has been five years since then, and all of those families now have at least 100k in equity. Amazing! What other investment can earn you 20k a year or more? It is 2020 now. Where would you like to be in five years? What are your short-term and long-term financial goals? I hope real estate is a part of those goals, and I would like to help you with that. My husband and I own two homes, one of which is a rental home that provides us cash flow each month, and I would love to buy a third property in the near future. Honestly, I see these rental homes as potential starter homes for my kids when they are going to college, or just getting married. Who knows what home prices will be like when they are adults?!? Call me today so we can get you started! 801-560-3652


Hello friends! With the new year many of us have made new years resolutions. Well, may I suggest one more? How about resolving to recycle a little more, and a little better? I am a self-proclaimed recycling nerd, and I am proud of it. That doesn't mean I am an expert, but I certainly try to stay educated on what can currently be recycled. We all inhabit this earth. It provides a wonderful place for us to live, along with hopefully future generations. So it is our responsibility to care for it. I believe we should all take responsibility for our own garbage. We consume, we purchase, and therefore we have garbage. First, we should try to consume less, especially one-time use products. If we can prevent more garbage in the first place, fantastic!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview with a reporter from NPR. He was interested in talking to people who have given up on recycling all together, and people who still feel it is worth the effort. Obviously I still feel the effort is necessary. First it takes caring about the earth and the garbage situation, then it takes just a little bit of effort to be educated on what can actually be recycled so you are not contaminating a whole truckload worth of recyclable material, and then finally a little more effort to make recyclying part of your daily routine. If you don't know where to start, or you need someone to champion your efforts, I am here for you!!



How important is it to have a healthy work/life balance? Is self-care a priority for you? Well friends, I have no problem with self care. I love a little down time to read, spend time with friends, get a massage or pedicure. Well, next week my family is going on a vacation to California! We just told our kids and they about lost it. It will be so much fun and is so needed. The funny thing about being a Realtor is that you don't really take time off. Even when I am on vacation I will happily help any of my clients. There have been many times where I have been camping and had to go into town to access wi-fi so I could negotiate a contract on my clients behalf. Real estate waits for no one, and is such a time sensitve market. Always hire a Realtor that will be there for you and will respond quickly. And if for some reason your Realtor cannot be available, then someone should be covering them so you don't lose out on a great home or a great offer :)



Fall is in the air and soon hopefully cooler temperatures as well.  Here are a few tips for your home this Fall:

-Get your furnace and water heater serviced

-Test your GFCI outlets

-Check and clean your outside dryer vent flap

-Inspect any outside lighting

-Check and inspect your smoke detectors and make sure you have working CO detectors as well


If you ever need any referrals for companies to help with any home maintenance, just give me a call or text!

JULY 2019


Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July, one of my families most favorite holidays. I am so grateful to live in this amazing country where we have so many privileges and freedoms, and I try not to take that for granted, especially when I know that it has come from much sacrifice. In this amazing country we all have the opportunity to work hard and achieve our goals and dreams. One of the biggest dreams is to own your own home. We have the ability to own a little or big piece of land, with a little or big home on it, and we can hopefully feel safe and secure and raise our families as we see fit. Owning a home is not only a privilege, but it is a huge financial investment, that over time will pay you back more than any other investment. So work hard! Go for that goal of owning a home! And let me help you :) If you are overwhelmed or don't know where to start, well that is exactly what I love to help with. Call or text me anytime, 801-560-3652 :)

MAY 2019


If moving is so darn hard, then why do people do it??  We may move by choice or by force, but it always takes a lot of work, and in the end, I think we all find it was worth it.  It may be that your family is growing or shrinking, a new job, the desire to change your commute time, the want for a different community or ammenities, or a multitude of other reasons. Right now I am helping four families that are just ready to upgrade. They bought their first home when they were younger and are now ready for their forever home. I have one client who truly wants to move away from their miserable next door neighbor. Many past clients have moved out of state for jobs, or to move closer to family. So what is the reason that you last moved? Or what is your motivation for wanting to move in the future? Thankfully, for most of us, we do have a choice in the matter. We aren't locked in on any one house or location for who knows how long. Change can be scary, but it can also be really good. It may force us to grow! Since we have moved, which was about nine months ago, we have met so many new friends, discovered new areas of the valley, and enjoyed many new experiences. We still miss our old home and many of our old neighbors, and I am always trying to recruit them to come live in our new neighborhood :) But guess what? Many of them have since decided that it is time for them to move on as well. I guess it is part of the cycle of life!

MARCH 2019


8 Tips for Staging Your Home

Focus On The Curb Appeal
The first thing that potential buyers will see is the outside of your house. The lawn, landscaping, front porch, front door, and driveway are the first impression your home is going to make, so spruce up the lawn, plant some flowers, paint the front door, reseal the driveway, whatever it takes to make a good first impression. 

Time For Some Deep Cleaning
This is crucial in home staging and is more than just picking up and vacuuming. Clean the spaces in the home that haven’t been cleaned for a very long time (or ever), including baseboards, vent covers, ceiling fans, and the fireplace.

Brush On A Fresh Coat Of Paint
A fresh coat of paint in main rooms or throughout the house can bring a home back to life. Renew the space with neutral, crowd pleasing colors. This can also help potential buyers envision themselves living in the home.

Give Each Room A Purpose
A spare room can make fantastic guest bedroom, home office, or gym. Each room should be transformed into a usable space where the buyers can envision what they can do with the room.

Update The Kitchen Fixtures
Luckily, minor changes in the kitchen can make the space feel more modern and updated. Consider replacing old light fixtures with modern ones or swap outdated hardware. 

Brighten The Bathrooms
Light colors or white make things appear fresher, cleaner, newer, and more spacious. Brighten up your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint or with new white towels, shower curtain, and bathmat to give your bathroom a clean and relaxed feel.

Bring In The Light 
Curtains are beautiful, but they can darken and date a room. Potential buyers want to see the home in all it's glory; so pull up the blinds, open the curtains, and make sure the windows are spotless to let as much light in as possible.

Highlight The Positives
Every house has its own stand-out features, whether its unique woodwork, great flow, or a stunning backyard, boost the appeal of your home by playing up the positives.



Happy New Year everyone!  I graduated in 1999 from high school and I can't believe it is going to be my 20 year reunion this Summer.  Crazy!  Regardless, this is going to be a great year.  I can just feel it.  Last year was epic, and the years before were all pretty good as well.  For this post I want to talk about rental properties.  When we moved to Murray five months ago, we decided to keep our West Jordan home as a long term investment and to rent it out.  So far it has been going great and we really appreciate the extra income.  Since then I have had two different families that also wanted to move up into a bigger and newer home, but they wanted to weigh all their options with what to do with their current home.  Both clients have decided to keep their current homes as investment properties.  I have been able to give them all the information they need to make the best decision for their families.  Having a rental property isn't for everyone.  However, when you look at home values as a long-term investment, I think they will be happy in the future when they decide to sell because they will have made a significant profit on their homes.  And most renters will pay more than what your mortgage payment is.  So that will leave you with a little, or a lot, of cash flow each month.  If this is something that you have considered, or would like to know more about, then reach out to me and we can talk.  I am super easy to get a hold of :)  Call/text 801-560-3652, email 5jennifer5@comcast.net.



Happy November friends!  Today is my son's birthday and I have been thinking a little bit about home safety and how simple maintenance can truly save a life.  Let me tell you a true story.  I had some clients who were ready to move.  We listed their home for sale and soon after had a great offer from some great buyers.  Immediately after their home inspection their agent calls me in sort of a panic and says that my clients need to get out of the home because there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in their home.  My clients were shocked and were super grateful.  When I talked to them about it they said they had no carbon monoxide detector and they never serviced their furnace or changed the filter.  They just didn't know about simple home maintenance, and it turns out that moving could have saved their lives.  So, with that in mind, here are some tips for you to consider with your furnace, courtesy of Home Wizard:

  1. Have an annual inspection done.

  2. Install a carbon monoxide detector near your furnace or boiler.

  3. Install ducting to bring outside air directly into the burner.

  4. Upgrade to a more energy-efficient furnace or boiler.

  5. Keep your furnace room clean and uncluttered.

  6. Ensure adequate air for combustion.

  7. If gas-fired, keep your pilot light burning all year long.

  8. Do not keep any flammable liquids or materials in your furnace or boiler room.

  9. Upgrade your furnace to a heat pump or a geothermal heat pump.

  10. Use a space heater to heat an area of a single room.

  11. Test your heating system early in the fall

  12. Try adjusting your thermostat down by a couple of degrees and dressing a little warmer.

  13. Don't set your thermostat at a higher setting than normal when you first turn on your heating system.

  14. If you hear anything unusual with your heating system, get in touch with your service professional right away.

  15. Lower the temperature on your thermostat by 10 degrees when no one is home.

  16. Make sure that your thermostat is not being hit by direct sunlight or any other heat source.

  17. Close doors to rooms on outside walls without thermostats that aren't being used.

  18. Check that your thermostats are mounted level horizontally.

  19. Clean your thermostats regularly.

  20. Check the temperature calibration of your thermostat, and adjust it if necessary.

  21. And finally, install a programmable or “smart” web-enabled thermostat.



Well, my friends.  I have been in my new home for a month now and I have some thoughts on moving that I thought I would share with you today:

-moving is hard work, but worth it

-we usually underestimate how much stuff we have

-I wish I would have asked for more help

-the best help would have been somewhere for my kids to play, or dinner

-it was totally worth it to hire movers for all of our furniture and appliances. That way we only broke our backs on everything else!

-it's a little lonely moving out of your comfort zone and away from friends and neighbors you love

-it is also like ripping a bandaid. You know it needs to be done and you want to do it, so just get it over with.

-it does get easier with time

-I am grateful I have well-adjusted kids who transitioned quite easily

-we rented totes instead of using boxes. It was $165 for a week for 50 totes. Best thing we did!

-It's good to put yourself out there and meet your neighbors and parents of your kids classmates


JULY 2018

Guess what friends?  My family is moving in just a couple of weeks!  We found a great house that we all love and we couldn't be more excited.  It has been so interesting to be in this position again, because with my job I am always on the other end, helping other people move.  It has been a great experience and has helped remind me to be more empathetic with my clients.  Buying or selling a home can be emotional and nerve-wracking.  I love to help my clients every step of the way, even when it comes to getting moved in and all settled.  So, I'd love to hear what was the best advice you received when moving???


MARCH 2018


How would you like to make some serious money!?!?  Real estate is consistently the best financial investment you can make.  The market may go up and down, but over the long term it always moves up.  We all know how much our grandparents bought their home for and now how much it is worth.  My personal home has gained over 100k in equity in just 12 years.  That easily pays me back everything I have paid into my home.  I have clients that bought their home just two years ago and already have 50k in equity.  I also have clients that were unsure about the market and wanted to wait to see if prices would drop (against my advice), and now they are almost priced out because prices continue to rise along with interest rates.  The economy in Utah is incredibly healthy.  We have a very low unemployment rate and people are moving here to work at all the new companies that are making Utah home.  The demand outweights the supply and that is predicted to continue for at least the next six years.  So don't keep waiting and miss out on your chance to make some serious money in equity with your home.  Remember, a home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and right now people are paying!



Happy new year!  I still can't believe it has been 18 years since Y2K?!  Seems impossible, yet still like a lifetime away.  As a Realtor, I am a huge advocate of home ownership.  Part of being an advocate means that I also take home safety very seriously.  I always recommend that my clients get a home inspection when they are looking to buy a new home.  On top of the standard home inspection you can do tests to check for mold, radon, meth, or lead-based paint.  I have tested for both mold and radon in my home and I feel better knowing that my family is breathing good clean air.  Since January is radon awareness month, here is some helpful information on radon from Pillar to Post:

Any home can have a radon problem – old or new homes, well-sealed or drafty homes, homes with or without basements. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 15 homes in the U.S. and Canada has an elevated level of radon. Prolonged exposure to unsafe levels of radon can create an increased risk of lung cancer; in fact, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Lung cancer caused by avoidable radon exposure is preventable, but only if radon issues are detected and mitigated prior to prolonged exposure in homes and buildings. There is real risk in not knowing if a home has a high level of radon.
Radon is a naturally occurring odorless, colorless, radioactive gas formed by the ongoing decay of uranium in soil, rocks, sediments, and even well or ground water. While radon that escapes into the atmosphere is not harmful, dangerously high concentrations can build up indoors, exposing residents to possible health risks.
Radon can migrate into the home in several ways. Openings or cracks in basement walls, foundations or floors are common avenues. Sumps, basement drains, and spaces between gas or water fittings can also allow radon into the structure. Other entry points can include gaps in suspended floors and cavities within walls.




Smoke alarms are an important defense against injury or death in house fires. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association show that nearly two-thirds of home fire fatalities occur in homes with non-working or missing smoke detectors
  • As in real estate, location is key! Smoke alarms should be in installed every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and on each level of the home.
  • Alarms should be placed high on a wall or on the ceiling. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placement.
  • For areas close to the kitchen, use a detector with a “hush button” that can be used to silence nuisance alarms triggered by cooking smoke or steam. Alternatively, consider installing a photoelectric alarm near the kitchen, which will not be triggered by cooking. No matter which type is used, never remove the unit’s battery to stop or prevent nuisance alarms.
  • There are two primary types of smoke alarm technology: ionization and photoelectric. According to the National Fire Protection Association, ionization alarms are more responsive to flames, while photoelectric alarms are more sensitive to smoldering fires. 
  • Test each alarm monthly. It’s helpful to put a reminder in the calendar to do this on the first or last day of the month, for example. 
  • Replace the batteries at least once a year. A common rule of thumb is to do this when changing to or from Daylight Saving Time in fall or spring. Remember, a non-working alarm is no better than no alarm at all. Some alarms now come with 10-year lithium batteries that eliminate the need for new batteries, but the unit itself must be replaced after its stated lifespan.
  • If the alarms are hard-wired to the home’s electrical system, make sure they are interconnected for maximum effectiveness – meaning that if one alarm is triggered, all of the others will sound as well. Any hard-wired alarms, interconnected or not, should be installed by a licensed electrician for safety and proper operation.
  • The newest type of interconnected alarms are wireless. This technology allows detectors to communicate with one another and, like their hard-wired cousins, will sound all of the units at the same time even if just one is triggered initially.

Source: Pillar to Post Home Inspections



Yay for Fall!  This time of year I always mourn the end of summer, but I am really excited for cooler temperatures.  With the change of seasons the market typically starts to cool off a little.  I have two new listings coming up this week and they are going to go fast!  Some homes sell quickly and some need a little extra help in order to find that right buyer.  I am always willing to do a free in home consultation with any of my clients that are thinking of selling.  I have found that many of my sellers worry too much about getting things done around the house that aren't actually necessary.  Or on the other hand I will recommend a few projects to my client and often they are items that they have been wanting to get done for a long time anyway.  They usually get them done quickly so they can list their house for sale, and then they wish they would have done them a long time ago so they could have enjoyed the benefits from completing the project(s).  My best advice that I give sellers are: make sure your clean your home all throughout, get rid of clutter, depersonalize, and focus on curb appeal.  If you would like specific advice tailored to your home and situation, just call me at 801-560-3652 :)

JULY 2017


If you are like me, then you are constantly thinking and planning the next project for your home.  Whether it is simple maintenance, or completely remodeling part of your home.  I absolutely love investing in my home and making it a more beautiful place to live for my family and me.  However, two of my favorite investments we have made are not seen every day, but certainly get a lot of use.  I love our automatic garage door opener, and I have no idea how the previous owners got along with out one.  I also adore our sprinkler system.  Before we got it my husband would spend hours several nights a week watering our lawn.  Talk about a waste of time!  Many people ask me what renovations will bring the most return.  Year after year, statistics show that anything to do with curb appeal and outdoor living bring a great return.  For example, new siding, a new front door, a new garage door, a new deck, and outdoor living area.  Inside renovations that bring the best return are kitchen and bathroom remodels, but they return about two thirds the cost.  So if you are thinking about renovating part of your home, think first how long you plan to live in your home and is the renovation really the best investment.  I am always happy to talk with my clients and give advice on what would be best.

MAY 2017


Would you be surprised to find out that there are still grants available to homebuyers?  There is still down payment assistance available?  There are still 100% financing loans available?  The options are endless for homebuyers right now!  And yes, interest rates are still amazing, right around 4.5%.  There are even options for wonderful people with not so wonderful credit.  Give me a call and I will help get you started :)

MARCH 2017


I have been in the real estate business for over ten years now.  In that time I have seen fluxuations in the market, where buyers held more power, and where sellers held more power.  However, I have never seen anything quite like the market we are in right now.  There is a severe shortage of housing inventory.  Homes priced under 250k are going fast, with multiples offers.  There is a ratio of about 20 buyers for every seller, in this price range.  Homes in the 250k-350k are also going quickly.  Part of it is that we just don't have a lot of homes for sale.  Another part is that our state is growing at such a rapid pace, our housing economy is having a hard time keeping up.  I am hopeful and optimistic that with Spring on the horizon we will see more homes listed for sale!



Happy new year!!  I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a wonderful year.  In fact, I am going to make it a great year.  I believe that hard work, a positive attitude, and most importantly, gratitude, all contribute to a happy home life and a happy work life.  Happy, AND successful :)  So to ring off the new year right, I am giving away a $50 gift card to Target.  Maybe you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas.  Or maybe you spent your budget on everyone else, but would have liked to get something for yourself.  Either way, all you have to do is like my Facebook business page Jennifer Clark Real Estate.  Then comment on my giveaway post what you believe is the best benefit of being a homeowner.  Easy peasy!  I will pick a winner by the end of this week.  Good luck!



It always shocks me how fast Winter season arrives after Summer ends.  For this post I thought I would share about my own journey for finding a new home.  My husband and I bought our current home as newlyweds 11 years ago.  I got my real estate license shortly after.  Today, we are busting at the seams in our home and ready for a new big home.  It is so interesting becoming the homebuyer (along with the Realtor) because I have developed a little more empathy for what my buyers have been through with their search for the perfect home.  I have also had to tell myself reassuring advice that I have told many clients before.  It can be extra hard to find the right home when the market has super low inventory.  Luckily, I know what I want, I am willing to wait for it, and I know I hired the right person to help me get it!  My clients always seem to end up exactly where they are supposed, and when they are supposed to.  I know that will be true for my family too.  In the mean time, if you are ready to look for your perfect home, call me! 801-560-3652



I have been in Real Estate for over ten years now and I decided it was time to celebrate.  What better way to celebrate than giving back to my wonderful clients??  So this past Saturday I offered any of my past, current, and future clients some free family photos.   I utilized the talent of my photographer husband and we took photos of my clients and their families the entire day at Murray park.  It was so much fun!  I love all my clients and I really miss them when they close on their home and I don't get to see them as often.  So it was fun to spend time with them and show my appreciation for their business and for their referrals.  I already can't wait for my next client appreciation event!

JULY 2016



  1. Confirm the water, electrical and gas services (including pilot lights) are all turned on inside the property before the inspector arrives.
  2. Make sure your pets are safe and in a secure location while the inspector is onsite. Ideally, they should be removed from the premises or secured. Tell your agent about any pets at home.
  3. Replace burned-out light bulbs to avoid a "light is inoperable" report that may suggest and electrical problem.
  4. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace dead batteries.
  5. Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters. They should fit securely.
  6. Remove stored items, debris and wood from the foundation. This may be reported as "conducive conditions" for termites.
  7. Remove items blocking access to HVAC equipment, electrical service panels, the water heater, attic and crawlspace.
  8. Unlock any locked areas that the home inspector must access, such as attic door or hatch, the electrical service panel, the door to the basement and any exterior gates.
  9. Trim tree limbs so that they're at least 10 feet away from the roof. Trim any shrubs that are too close to the house and can hide pests or hold moisture against the exterior.
  10. Repair or replace broken or missing items, such as door knobs, locks or latches, windowpanes or screens, gutters or downspouts, or chimney caps.

Source: All-Points Inspection

MAY 2016


For May of this year I thought I would do something fun.  For anyone that references my website I will do a free home evaluation for you!  That includes giving you an estimate of what your home could sell for in this amazing market, along with tips on how to prep your home for selling.  If you aren't ready to sell and would just like to know what home improvements you should focus on to give you the most return, I am happy to do that as well!

MARCH 2016


Why, why, why do there have to be people in this world that choose to spend their time and efforts scamming other people out of their money that they worked hard for, the honest way?  Unfortunately real estate is not exempt from scammers.  This article has a lot of great information on what to watch out for: http://blog.landmarkhw.com/post/watch-out-for-these-3-types-of-online-rental-scams?inf_contact_key=04cc4343a5c8439bebb4c68c4c502c0192d2d5cfe11162bee7cd6bd86f167cc1.

So beware!  And if you ever question if a property is really available, give me a call.  I would be happy to check it out for you.



Happy new year!  This month I want to highlight some important tips for fire-prevention.  About 12 years ago my childhood home went up in flames due to an electrical fire that started in the garage.  You can never be too cautious!  Here are some tips, courtesy of Pillar to Post:

  • All electrical devices including lamps, appliances, and electronics should be checked for frayed cords, loose or broken plugs, and exposed wiring. Never run electrical wires, including extension cords, under carpet or rugs as this creates a fire hazard.
  • Fireplaces should be checked by a professional chimney sweep each year and cleaned if necessary to prevent a dangerous buildup of creosote, which can cause a flash fire in the chimney. Cracks in masonry chimneys should be repaired, and spark arresters inspected to ensure they are in good condition and free of debris.
  • When using space heaters, keep them away from beds and bedding, curtains, papers - anything flammable. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Space heaters should not be left unattended or where a child or pet could knock them over.
  • Use smoke detectors with fresh batteries unless they are hard-wired to your home's electrical system. Smoke detectors should be installed high on walls or on ceilings on every level of the home, inside each bedroom, and outside every sleeping area. Statistics show that nearly 60% of home fire fatalities occur in homes without working smoke alarms. Most municipalities now require the use of working smoke detectors in both single and multi-family residences.
  • Children should not have access to or be allowed to play with matches, lighters, or candles. Flammable materials such as gasoline, kerosene, or propane should always be stored outside of and away from the house.
  • Kitchen fires know no season. Grease spills, items left unattended on the stove or in the oven, and food left in toasters or toaster ovens can catch fire quickly. Don't wear loose fitting clothing, especially with long sleeves, around the stove. Handles of pots and pans should be turned away from the front of the stove to prevent accidental contact. Keep an all-purpose fire extinguisher within easy reach. Extinguishers specifically formulated for grease and cooking fuel fires are available and can supplement an all-purpose extinguisher.
  • Have an escape plan. This is one of the most important measures to prevent death in a fire. Visit ready.gov for detailed information on how to make a plan. Local fire departments can also provide recommendations on escape planning and preparedness. In addition, all family members should know how to dial 911 in case of a fire or other emergency.
  • Live Christmas trees should be kept in a water-filled stand and checked daily for dehydration. Needles should not easily break off a freshly-cut tree. Brown needles or lots of fallen needles indicate a dangerously dried-out tree which should be discarded immediately. Always use nonflammable decorations in the home, and never use lights on a dried-out tree.
  • Candles add a festive feeling, and should be placed in stable holders and located away from curtains, drafts, pets, and children. Never leave candles unattended, even for a short time.
  • Holiday lights should be checked for fraying or broken wires and plugs. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines when joining two or more strands together, as a fire hazard could result from overload. Enjoy indoor holiday lighting only while someone is home, and turn them off before going to bed at night.



In honor of Thanksgiving this month, I am going to explain why I am so grateful for my clients.  When helping someone buy or sell their home, I talk to and see them on a fairly regular basis.  We have the chance to get to know each other better, and to often forge real friendships, if they weren't already there.  By the time a client closes on their home, they often feel like family.  I feel fortunate to work with many clients who will take the time to write me a heart-felt testimonial.  That means the world to me.  I love that they value and appreciate my hard work and dedication.  Plus, being able to show potential clients real testimonials and referrals, means a lot.  You need to work with someone that can be trusted when it comes to one of the biggest life events you may have.  So, thank you to all my clients, for how wonderful you are!!



Fall is here, and along with the weather, the real estate market has cooled as well.  This can actually be a really great time to buy because sellers are more motivated to sell their home before winter and the holiday season.  It is critical to get pre-approved for a loan before you start shopping for a home.  A great lender can give you all of your options and help you determine what is the best loan for you, and how much you actually pre-approve for.  And sometimes there may be something on your credit you were unaware of that will prevent you from buying a home.  It is good to know that asap so you can work it out before writing up an offer.  If you need great referrals for loan officers, give me a call!

JULY 2015


4 Tips for a No-Stress Move
Moving can lead to new, exciting possibilities, but it also means leaving behind the people and places you love. While some sentimental items can be taken to your new place, many memories just aren't transportable. To ensure your treasured belongings arrive safely to your new home, be prepared with these no-stress tips.

1. Make Room for New MemoriesTaking every item of sentimental value with you to your new home is not always possible. Moving is the perfect opportunity to organize and purge items you don't need or won't use in your new home. To lessen the load on moving day, hold a garage sale or donate unwanted items to a local charity. If you're trying to sell your current home, the less clutter the better.
Once you've determined which objects will make the move, decide where they'll go in your new place. Make the unpacking process simpler by creating a plan for your new space in advance and pack according to where things will go, not by where they've been.
2. Organize, Don't Agonize
Starting the process early can help avoid nerve-wracking, last-minute packing, and give you time to be a bit nostalgic. Before you begin boxing things up, take videos and photos of each room to preserve your memories of that space. Don't forget to include outdoor areas like a backyard tree house or handprints in the patio cement.
Then, make a checklist of everything you need to accomplish before moving—packing, cleaning, cancelling and restarting utilities, registering the kids for school—and set a timeline for completing each step. Once you're ready to start packing, work room by room to make the task seem more manageable. Start with decorative pieces that you can go without for a month or so, keeping items you use daily for last.
3. Protect Delicate Possessions
To ensure your belongings arrive safely, it's essential to pack possessions with extra care. Safeguard breakables with wrapping materials designed to protect fragile goods, such as bubble wrap cushioning, for the best protection.
Next, pack items in clean, sturdy containers in a variety of sizes. Use large boxes for bulky, yet lighter furnishings, such as pillows and blankets, and place heavier objects in smaller boxes to avoid unnecessary strain. Seal boxes securely with a durable packaging tape.
Be sure to label boxes clearly, marking them on the sides of the boxes, not the top. This step makes it obvious what's inside, even if they're stacked. You also can use different colored or printed packaging tapes to color code each room—red for the bedroom, blue for the kitchen, and so on.
4. Have Help on Hand
If you’re moving to a location close to your old home, recruit friends and family to help with packing and unloading on moving day. You'll love showing off your new place, and it'll help with the transition to see that loved ones aren't too far away to make the trip.
Put together an "open me first" box with the gear you'll need immediately, such as tools to assemble furniture, cleaning supplies and shelf liner for drawers, closets and kitchen cabinets.

Copyright© 2015 RISMedia

MAY 2015


IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS!  At least when it comes to buying a home.  The more you know and the more educated you are about the process of buying a home, the easier it will be.  That is why it is critical to hire the right team, including a professional Realtor and loan officer, that can each easily give you recent references.  There is a saying when it comes to buying a home called "caveat emptor", which means buyer beware, or that the buyer is responsible to learn about what they are buying.  When buying a home it is critical to get a home inspection.  Home inspections are informational and excellent tools to help you understand what you are buying.  They are not meant to be laundry lists of items that the seller needs to fix, but they are very important if there is a big safety concern that needs to be addressed and negotiated.  I recently decided to do a little inspecting on my own home.  We did a radon and mold test through Wasatch Dogs Home Inspections.  I was mostly curious if there was something we should be concerned about.  My husband said he almost preferred not to know.  The tests came back and all levels were good.  Well worth the knowledge to me!  If you ever have questions about home inspections or the home-buying process, give me a call!

MARCH 2015



When buying a home, your credit score can literally make it or break it for you.  I have potential homebuyers all of the time that are devastated when they realized their credit is preventing them from the American dream.  I believe that most credit problems come from a lack of education.  We need to teach our children from a young age on how to responsibly manage money, and to experience consequences on mismanagement and to be rewarded for managing money well.  It should also be part of schools curriculum starting in junior high and continuing through high school.  The good news is that credit can be repaired, it just takes time.  Here is a link with some useful information and tips for your credit, and to a company that can help you with the right steps towards repairing your credit and becoming a bonified homeowner. http://premiercredco.com/build-wealth-by-building-your-credit-score/?utm_source=March+Newsletter&utm_campaign=March+2015+Newsletter&utm_medium=email

Also, I recommend checking your credit at least twice a year to make sure there are not any errors or items that need to be resolved.



HAPPY NEW YEAR!  For the month of January I want to talk a little about Radon.  January is National Radon Action Month.  Here are some facts about radon:

  • Radon is a gas and it is naturally occurring.
  • Radon cannot be seen or smelled
  • Radon enters buildings from the soil beneath them.
  • The EPA Estimates there are 14,000 to 30,000 deaths per year attributed to lung cancer caused by radon inhalation.
  • Dangerous levels of radon gas are found in 1 out of 15 homes in the United States.
  • Radon is ranked as a Group A carcinogen, along with tobacco smoke and tobacco products. This is the highest ranking for cancer potential.

As a homeowner, knowledge is power.  If you would like to test your home for radon you can get test kits at Lowe's or Home Depot, or I can happily refer a professional inspection company to you.  Check out http://www.radon.com/ for more information.


Source: All-Points Inspection



People often ask me, how do I do it all?  How do I work as a Realtor, while having four young kids, most of whom are home all the time, and do my calling as Relief Society president in my church, and maintain my home?  I believe that because I am doing all those things in my life simultaneously is exactly what qualifies me to be the best at each.  It makes me think of a quote I love that I heard long ago.  "If you need something done, ask a busy person."  For the most part, so true!  Some people are very capable of being productive, and doing it well.  That is me.  I make the best use of all my time, and if I commit to doing something, I commit to doing it well.  I wasn't blessed with many showcase talents, but I can be productive and multi-task like nobody's business!  I understand that one day I will have time for other things, like hobbies, or recreational reading, but for now I am perfectly happy with my crazy life!  And the truth is, I would not spend any of my time doing something that I did not love.  I truly do love being a wife and mom, being a Realtor, a homemaker, and a Relief Society president.  I hope we all get to spend our time doing what we love most :)



Words to live by.  This has been on my mind a lot lately.  How do we live our life?  What guides us and motivates us?  Experiences we have affect us.  Examples of those around us affect us.  Positive thoughts and language have a big impact on us.  I love simplicity and like to keep things simple.  I also believe in the words and lifestyle of "reduce, reuse, recycle."  When it comes to my roles in life I believe in something my Dad always taught me, if you are going to do something, do it well.  Why put your energy into something that you don't really care about.  I have always lived by these words thoughout each job I have had, and certainly with my roles as a wife and mother.  As a Realtor I strive for excellence.  There is no point in me helping someone buy or sale a home if I am not going to give it 100% and work hard to make sure my client is satisfied and well taken care of.  What words do you like to live by?

JULY 2014


Your family’s move can be an exciting time for you and your children. It can also be a stressful and sad time. Moving represents change which can be difficult at any age. Sharing and reading picture books about moving is a great way to prepare kids for what’s ahead and give voice to the range of feelings that they may be experiencing.
Most children have an adventurous, curious side to them.
Try appealing to this side when telling them that the family
is moving. This way, you’ll help them view the move as an
experience that can lead to exciting discoveries. Even in their excitement, young children will feel sadness at
leaving familiar people, places and activities. Help your kids with concrete ways to make the “old place to the new place” transition. Following are some tips for you to help your young children cope with the move.

Telling Younger Children About The Move

- Explain where and why you are moving.
- Highlight benefits of moving that your kids can understand.
- Use maps and pictures to help illustrate where you are going
and make the move more concrete.
- Reassure them that their life won’t change dramatically.

What To Expect
Moving to a new place can affect a child’s behavior
and emotions. Toddlers and young children are
egocentric. When you show stress, they may think
it’s because of something they did. Be mindful of
your emotions and actions in their presence and
give them plenty of reassurance.
Younger kids may be the most eager members of
your families moving team. Let your kids help by
assigning tasks you know they can handle.
Moving Tips
- Make a list of all the questions your child
has about moving.
- Create an address book.
- Be sure to allocate enough time to say your
special goodbyes.
- Make a last visit to their favorite places.
- Plan their new bedroom.
Helpful Advice From Parents Who Have Been There
- Keep your kids in the loop on important
moving information.
- Visit the new school and community before
you move.
- Try to keep things and routines familiar.
- Set up a toddler’s new room similar to their
old one.
- Think about volunteering at school. It might
be nice for your child to have a reassuring
presence in an unfamiliar environment.

Source: First American Title

MAY 2014


WHAT IS MY HOME WORTH???  That is the question that I believe Realtors hear most often.  The most honest answer is that anyone's home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay.  As a trained professional in real estate, in order to find out what a buyer is most likely willing to pay for someone's home, I will do some research.  First, I look at comparable homes in the area.  I look at ones that have sold recently, any that are under contract, and any currently for sale.  That is the best way to determine a good price to list at.  A home is worth what a buyer will pay, but remember that unless that buyer is paying with all cash, the home still has to be appraised by a certified appraiser that is picked at random by the lender.  This ensures the lender that the home is worth the amount they are about to loan the buyer.  People ask me all the time what the market looks like now, and where I predict it will be in a year, or two years.  I can always give my educated guess/prediction, but the truth is that no one really knows for sure.  Something big could happen and affect interest rates one way or the other and that has a huge impact on the real estate market.  For me, it is fun to see the changes in the market.  It keeps me on my toes!  If you ever would like a free market analysis on your home, just give me a call!

MARCH 2014


Spring is just about here!  We have been so fortunate this year to have had a very warm January and February.  I have loved it!  Even though we may still get a snow storm or two, it is now time to think about our home and what needs to be done to prepare it for the warmer weather.  Here are 15 tips to help you get on your way:

1.  Inspect the Roof: The harsh winter weather has been beating on your roof all season. Invest the time to fully inspect your roof for weather-damaged shingles.
  2.  Clean the Gutters: Clogged gutters can lead to water damage.
  3.  Clean/Replace HVAC Filters: Clean filters keep your system running efficiently and energy costs in check.
  4.  Clean Refrigerator Coils: Dirty fridge coils can also increase the electric bill.
  5.  Clean and Repair Driveways, Fences, Decks, and Patios: Remove salt, sand, and deicers. Repair cracks, holes, and gaps.
  6.  Check Window and Door Seals: Extreme cold can cause weather sealants to crack leaving these areas vulnerable to water damage.
  7.  Plan to Paint: Inspect indoor and outdoor areas for paint repair. Choose eco-friendly paints.<http://jessicaroberts.realtytimes.com/advicefromagents1/item/26735-7-eco-friendly-paints-for-your-home> Try a new color in a room or two for a fresh new look.
  8.  Check AC System: Hire a qualified heating and cooling professional to clean and service your AC system.
  9.  Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors: Don't neglect this lifesaving tip!
  10. Clean Out the Fridge, Freezer, and Pantry: Throw out expired foods, clean surfaces, declutter,<http://jessicaroberts.realtytimes.com/advicefromagents1/item/26711-5-tips-to-clear-the-clutter-and-sell-your-home-faster> and reorganize.
  11. Declutter Closets: Donate, repurpose, recycle, and plan a tag sale.
  12. Steam-clean Flooring: Remove salt, sand, and deicing products.
  13. Clean and Repair Windows: Look for window damage inside and out. Clean drapes, blinds, and other window treatments.
  14. Chimney Care: Check the exterior of the chimney for damage. Hire a certified chimney sweep to clean and inspect the flue.
  15. Check Lawn Equipment: Make sure lawn mowers are ready for the first spring cut.

Source: Jessica Roberts, Realty Times



Happy new year!  It is always fun to bring in a new year.  I expect 2014 to be a big one for myself and my family.  We have a little boy due the first part of March, and that is the biggest occasion of the year!  I also expect 2014 to be a really great year for real estate.  I anticipate many people wanting to buy or sale this year and that is always exciting.  The real estate market affects the economy in so many ways.


I will be approaching my eighth year as a Realtor.  This is a job that I didn't expect to do when I was a little girl, but I am so happy that I found this profession because I love it.  My husband often tells me he could never do what I do, and recently a client told me she had no idea how I can do my job.  The truth is that it can be really difficult and challenging, but I love it.  Here are the top reasons I love it:

1. I get to stay at home with my kids for the most part.

2. I get to help people with one of the biggest decisions/times of their lives.

3. I develop really great friendships while working with clients.

4. I love showing homes.  It is so neat to see different styles, and different interior designs.

5. I love learning more and more about the real estate business.  It is always changing and it keeps me on my toes.

6. When I have a new baby I can bring them along with me to work.

7. I enjoy my association with other Realtors and my Broker.

8. I love learning about new technologies that help my career.  That is always changing also.

9. I learn and grow from every single client I work with and every deal I close or don't close.

10. It is fun to be my own boss :)



Winter is pretty much here.  We have had the first snowfall and then some.  It makes me think about how I am going to entertain three little ones during the winter, who love so much to be outside all the time.  I worry about it every year and it always works out fine.  There always seems to be plenty to do!  But I also am wanting to prep our home for the winter.  While reading the Costco magazine this month I found some great tips that I want to share:

1. Clean. Dust and dirt accumulate quickly on flooring, walls, fixtures, sinks, cabinets and tile.  If they are not wiped away regularly, they can cause those surfaces to deteriorate and potentially ruin your investment.

2. Read the labels. Ensure your cleaning products are compatible with the finishes of your furniture and appliances to avoid accidental, yet permanent damage.

3. Check detectors. Most smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have a test feature.  Use it, at least twice a year, to confirm that the alarm still functions and determine whether the batteries need to be changed.

4. Verify fire extinguisher readiness.  Prepare for a fire emergency by checking your home's fire extinguishers.  Check the expiration date and replace if necessary.  Be sure you have the right kind of extinguisher for the contents of each room.

5. Change the furnace filter.  This depends on the type of furnace you have and the type of filter you purchase.  Check the filters monthly.

6. Do an inventory. Note what pieces of furniture, appliances and electronics are in each room.  Include the make, model, year and value of each item.  Snap photos from a few different angles.  Put the list and photos in a safe place, away from your home.  Or store the information online.


These are all items that are on my to-do list!!  How about you???



It is officially fall now and it is my favorite season!  Now is a perfect time of year to work on your home and do projects are that are too difficult to do when it is too hot or too cold.    What are my fall projects you say?  I would like to install some garden pavers in my backyard to create a divider between our grass and a flower bed that lines our entire East fence.  I would also like to power wash our entry way and siding.  If we consistently work on our home and are aware of its needs then we should never be blindsided by a huge problem or overwhelming task.  I am always willing to come and give my advice on what can be done to improve your homes value, or what needs to be done in order to prepare it for sale.


As far as the market goes, things have cooled slightly.  Kids are back in school and interest rates have risen a little bit.  However, my last four listings were all under contract in less than ten days.  So with the right Realtor, things are still hopping!

JULY 2013


I love the month of July because it always reminds me of the many, many freedoms we enjoy in our beautiful country.  So many possibilities and opportunities would not be so freely given if we did not live in the United States of America.  One of those freedoms that I am proud of is the opportunity to buy a home.  It is the epitome of the American dream.  We work hard, we want what is best for our family, and we want a place to call our own.  And with some work and dedication it is within reach for most everyone!  The best part of my job is seeing the joy from my clients when they get the keys to their new home.  It is priceless, and certainly worth all the work done on their part and my part.  I will continue to dedicate myself to this profession and help as many people as I can sell or buy their home with comfort and ease.

MAY 2013


It has been amazing to see the real estate market in Utah make such a turn-around these last few months.  Most affordable homes are seeing multiple offers, and buyers and discovering that they need to move quickly to get the home they want.  This market right now is unique because it is good for sellers and buyers.  Sellers are seeing increases in their home value, and buyers are still able to take advantage of low interest rates.  It just goes to show that anything can happen, at any time.  Real estate is easily the best long-term financial investment.  And we are lucky to live in the great state of Utah where unemployment is low and there are many new jobs coming to our state every day.

MARCH 2013


Every once in a while a seller will try to sell their home without the professional help of a Realtor.  It may be that they don't have any equity to pay for service or they think they can do it on their own.  I truly feel that homeowners gain far more value using a Realtor when selling their home.  This is a great article that may help you realize the potential pitfalls of selling your home on your own.



This is a great article that can help sellers see the value of listing their home with a Realtor: http://www.realtor.com/basics/sell/why/userealtor.asp?source=web


Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding selling your home and how I may be of assistance.  These are some of the services I provide to sellers:

  • List your home on all major home for sale websites
  • Install a professional white, vinyl sign in your yard
  • Provide attractive marketing flyers
  • Provide an in-home consultation giving you tips to give your home more curb appeal
  • Professional interior and exterior photos
  • Install a safe and secure lockbox that can record all showings
  • Provide feedback given on all showings
  • Always respond to your needs and questions quickly
  • Be available for potential buyers that want to schedule a showing



Happy new year!  Like many others, I have made a couple of new year's resolutions.  I want to be more healthy by exercising regularly, and I want to be more generous in all aspects of my life.  This will include my professional work as a Realtor. Throughout the year 2013 I will offer to my clients, and any referrals, the following services, FREE OF CHARGE!

1. A free comparitive home analysis that can tell you approximately what your home is worth in today's market, and what it would sell for.

2. A free home evaluation. This would be helpful for anyone looking to sell their home in the near or distant future.  I can come in and offer my own advice as to what you can do to improve your home's value and give it more curb appeal.

3. A free home warranty! For any client of mine that buys or sells a home with me in 2013, I will pay for your home warranty.  This is up to a $350 value!!!!! 


Call or email me if you have any questions and if you would like to take advantage of my generosity.  Make it a great new year!



Happy new year!  Like many others, I have made a couple of new year's resolutions.  I want to be more healthy by exercising regularly, and I want to be more generous in all aspects of my life.  This will include my professional work as a Realtor. Throughout the year 2013 I will offer to my clients, and any referrals, the following services, FREE OF CHARGE!

1. A free comparitive home analysis that can tell you approximately what your home is worth in today's market, and what it would sell for.

2. A free home evaluation. This would be helpful for anyone looking to sell their home in the near or distant future.  I can come in and offer my own advice as to what you can do to improve your home's value and give it more curb appeal.

3. A free home warranty! For any client of mine that buys or sells a home with me in 2013, I will pay for your home warranty.  This is up to a $350 value!!!!! 


Call or email me if you have any questions and if you would like to take advantage of my generosity.  Make it a great new year!



This time of year is so special because it often means more time with family and enjoying special traditions.  The real estate market is usually put on hold while people spend time truly enjoying the holiday season.  Many of us have purchased gifts for family, friends, co-workers, etc.  I would like to suggest that we don't forget our home!  I am unusual in the sense that I would much rather get a gift that goes toward improving our home, then some clothes or fancy gadget.  So for everyone that is not as extreme as I am, I would still like to recommend that you make small improvements on your home on a regular basis.  It will give you more pride in your home and will certainly help in the value long-term.  Little things often add up to big results.  For example: repaint one room, get new bathroom faucets, a new light fixture, a colorful rug or wall art.  The list could be endless.  I am not a home designer, but I am always willing to come and give my clients suggestions on what they could do to their home to make it more valuable, and more enjoyable.



I have found throughout my career as a Realtor that there are often many misconceptions about how a Realtor gets paid.  I am a very open and honest person in my personal life, and in my professional life.  So I believe in full disclosure and being upfront about my fee's.  Most people assume being a Realtor is easy work and easy money.  That could not be further from the truth.  The large majority of Realtor's work very hard and earn every penny.  So let me give you a general break-down: When working for a buyer, the Realtor's commission is paid by the seller.  So you don't have to pay a Realtor when you buy a house (almost always).  Yay!  The burden of Realtor commissions is on the seller when they sell the home.  Typically a 6% fee is charged and that is split evenly between the sellers agent and the buyers agent.  Out of the 3%, about 1/3 of that is paid towards taxes since Realtors are self-employed, contractors, 1099'd.  And then, we pay our broker fee, and errors and omissions transaction insurance.  More fees, Salt Lake Board of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, Utah Association of Realtors, Multiple Listing Service.  There are annual license renewal fees, and fees for continuing education classes.  Then we get to reimburse ourselves for gas money spent, marketing money spent, etc that we paid before the deal even closed.  Then, we finally get paid for a profit.  And it is money we work hard for.  Some transactions are a little easier, but the majority are difficult or they may not even close.  And guess what, if the deal doesn't close, the Realtor doesn't get paid.  Check out my website for a list of some of what a Realtor does, and also my client testimonials.  I thought this would be a good topic for my website because I know it is a question people often wonder, but feel rude asking about.  Ask me anything!


I absolutely love the fall season here in Utah.  It is so beautiful and the smell of the air is seriously intoxicating.  It also signals the approach to the fun holiday season.  Like the weather in the fall, the real estate market usually starts to cool off a little too.  However, there are still plenty of buyers and plenty of peole motivated to get their home sold.  Many summer buyers found it was actually pretty difficult to get the home they wanted due to so much competition or short sales that just weren't moving quickly.  Now that investors and other buyers have relaxed a little, it just may be the perfect time to get your dream home without having to deal with ruthless competitors.

JUNE 2012

Right now is an exciting time for real estate professionals.  It has long been a great time to buy, and it is still an incredible time to buy a home.  In fact, it is even better than before.  And now buyers are really getting a sense for this.  There is more confidence in the market, and more people are taking advantage of all the perks out there.  Home prices are still low, interest rates are practially rock-bottom, and there is more assistance for down-payments.  The market is moving in the right direction, with the worst behind us.  More jobs are coming to Utah, which means more people are able to qualify for a loan.  It is a great time to either buy your first home or to move-up from your starter home and into your dream home.


Check out this great article about rising home sales:  http://www.realtor.org/node/4504

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