Jennifer was amazing through the whole process. Thanks to the amazing pictures and prep work that she advised us on, the house got a great offer after less than 24 hours on the market! Even with a very difficult and frustrating closing (not her fault) she remained positive and had our backs every step of the way. We would definitely work with her again.

Christauna Asay


Jennifer has been great with her knowledge of the market as well as her regular communication, always keeping us up to date on what started out as a smooth, quick sale of our home and ended up becoming a series of unfortunate events; worthy of its own soap opera. She also helped us out multiple times with her extensive network of painters, contractors, and other home improvement specialists.


Brett Asay

Jennifer found us an amazing home way faster than we expected. She did a great job showing us options above, below, and even outside of what we thought we wanted. One of the elements that helped us get into a home was her ability to close very quickly.

Randell Hoffman


Jennifer is all the things you want in a Realtor: patient, realistic, timely, informative. As a first-time homebuyer, Jennifer helped explain every step and ensured that we never had to make any decisions alone. Having a knowledgeable, well-connected Realtor made all the difference. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to buy or sell, no matter if you’re a seasoned homeowner or not.

Spencer Cawley

Jennifer is amazing! She was so flexible and I truly believe that she went above and beyond to help my husband and I find the perfect home. She was so kind to let my son come along with us to look at houses. She even had little toys to help keep him busy. My husband and were not sure how we felt about potentially having an HOA and what the rules might be. Jennifer was kind enough to get us a copy of the HOA rules and information so that we could make sure that it was something we could commit to. With all of the houses she had taken us to see, I could tell that she was truly looking out for us. Scanning rooms and looking behind furniture. I remember asking her what she was looking for and she specifically told me that she was looking for holes or damage that people may be trying to hide. Both my husband and I felt extremely taken care. We know she had our best interest in mind. I highly recommend Jennifer.

Gabi and Braiden Thorpe

We couldn’t have chosen a better realtor! Jennifer is amazing at communicating and made the home buying process so much easier. Choose her!

Lindsay and Brian Lofthouse

Jennifer was amazing to work with. We had a short time frame to look for a home and get under contract and Jennifer was completely on board. She made thoughtful home recommendations that stayed true to our wishlist. She was very easy to communicate with and quick to respond. With the right realtor and mortgage team, we were able to find our dream home and close within 3 weeks!

Eloisa Puentes

I was referred to Jennifer Clark by my son and his wife.  She helped them sell their house and found them a new one that is spectacular.  I can honestly say that selling my condo could not have gone more smoothly all thanks to Jennifer.  I'm sure this is not the norm but we got 4 offers the day it was listed.

Jennifer was very responsive and right on top of the process as well as all of my needs.  She made what could have been a nightmare into a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her and would definitely ask for her help and expertise again.

Thank you, Jen!!!

Wendy Salvesen

I’m a lender. Have been 19 years and have several rentals so I know something about real estate. But when selling my own home (yes, I chose an agent to help me even with my background, and that agent was Jennifer!), when selling my own home, I found myself with runaway worries and impatient thoughts as the process took longer than we hoped! It helped me relate more with my clients! It can be very worrisome buying and selling your home. This home was one my family lived in for 16 years. It held a lot of memories and pride. The market shifted just as we prepared to sell and home sales slowed way down. I had a price in mind and Jennifer suggested $25k more than that! Since she’s such a boss we agreed and listed the home. We ended up with something like 30 showings so she definitely knows her list prices! But we only got one actual offer. Turns out, it’s the only one we needed. She called us with a few things here and there and managed expectations with the other agent as she counseled with us and helped us make decisions. In the end, we sold for list price in a semi-down market giving only some of it back in concessions. I told you, she’s a boss! She’s super kind and professional in her approach. And she’s also quite firm and persuasive when you need her to be. And boy does she do her homework! We’ll gladly use her again in the future. And we love how she keeps us updated as things move along.

Joshua and Tatiana Thomas


We were very lucky to have been referred to Jennifer for our house purchase! We had some challenges with distance and trying to coordinate with everyone involved but Jennifer was amazing with communication and flexibility in making it happen (we had a lot of 3-way calls).

We ended up purchasing a home that was being built so we were lucky in that we didn’t have to go through the bidding war that so many have experienced. Despite that, Jennifer was proactive in getting us as much information as the builder’s agent would provide (the builders didn’t communicate timelines very well…). She was not afraid to advocate for us and was very reliable with following through on everything she said she would do, along with getting us information that we didn’t even think to ask. She was also there for final walkthrough and closing and helped ensure that everything was done accurately.

We would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to purchase a home. She is patient, honest, and was very easy to work with. Communication is critical during the process and she excelled at that!

We also feel like if needed, we could contact Jennifer at any time and she would be more than happy to help with anything, even though the sale is complete—she truly puts clients first!


Scott & Stacey Henrie

What makes an excellent real estate agent? What equates the peak of performance for this line of work? What do you look for and expect in a real estate agent?

The year is 2022, where housing inventory is at a record low, with interest rates on the rise and affordability low. Searching for a home is difficult and incredibly daunting. This is what sets Jennifer apart. She is very keen on picking up any queues that you leave behind in what you are willing to purchase. If you make a thought or comment, or visit a house and express your opinion, she is listening with the intent to find what you are looking for. It was incredible as she unfolded homes for me to view quickly and with precision. I walked away with a home that was twice the size of what I was expecting to buy, that was closer to my family (so I didn't have to move as far for affordability), in this high octane environment.
I have walked away from my purchase with an almost daily gratitude for her hard work and diligence for me. She has surpassed any expectation that I had in what equals a great real estate agent. I was expecting generic assistance of the occasional email with homes to look at, just like every other real estate agent. The typical: set an appointment and take a quick look. With the basic "this is a nice home" leaving it at that. I have had a different agent open the home, then play on their phone til I finished looking and lock up. The most I talked with them was about their dog. Now Jennifer, you don't have that. Well researched prior to the viewing, goes through with you to answer questions, and again listens to all concerns (or even approvals) so that she can keep you at your happiest. This is a service that she is going above and beyond for.
In conclusion, you can tell Jennifer is experienced, skilled, and just wants to watch you walk away honestly happy. That is exactly what happened to me.

Dylan Gayler

Hi, my name is Bryon Claflin and Jennifer Clark was my Realtor. I cannot say enough about how great it was to work with Jennifer in finding the right house for me. Jennifer –I believe is THE best Realtor in the state of Utah- well honestly- the best you’ll ever find in the WORLD!!  The Salt Lake area is so blessed to have her here. Jennifer was so extremely patient with me- was available day/night and weekends for any questions, concerns- no matter how small or trivial they may have been.  Jennifer treated all my concerns with importance.  When we looked at houses- she never acted like “hurry-up” and she never applied pressure to ever buy a place.  She showed me every home I wanted-no matter how far out of her way-or-time consuming.  Jennifer has an incredible knowledge base of the real estate market.  She can be trusted 100%--She always follows through.  Besides all the above Jennifer just cares about you as a person and her number one goal is for her clients to ultimately be happy with their new digs.  Thank you so much Jennifer for all your hard work and everything you did to help me find a home. I promise the Salt Lake area and beyond ---that if you have Jennifer as your Realtor--you will not be disappointed! Thank you, thank you, and thank you Jennifer Clark!

B. Claflin

As a first time home buyer in 2021, Jennifer guided me through the entire process. She kept me informed and on top of everything without ever putting any sales pressure on me. I truly felt the only thing she cared about was making certain we found a home that I would be happy in. She put me in contact with a great lender, and had terrific advice throughout. From looking at homes, to getting the first offer I made accepted, then having the home inspected, and getting through final closing. I’m recommending Jennifer to everyone I know.

Happy Homeowner,

Kevin Weiler

As first-time homebuyers, Jennifer was the perfect Realtor for us. She helped guide us through every step of the home buying process. She always made herself available to answer any questions that we had. She worked with the seller’s agent in a way that we believe gave us an advantage, which led to us getting our first offer accepted. We were nervous about buying our first home, but she made us feel confident in our purchase.


We could not be happier in our new home and highly recommend her as a Realtor.


Michael & Trina Evans


Jennifer exceeded all expectations. This is the first time my wife and I have ever been through the process of buying a house. When we first got into contact with our loan agency and then with Jennifer we weren't prepared for everything that went into actually obtaining a loan and closing on a house. Jennifer was amazing and completely understood when my wife and I said we needed to hold off for a few months to get some money in place for all the different closing costs/insurances. Even though we said we were only window shopping earlier this year, Jennifer still decided to take us to look at the different types of houses we could eventually get and gave us a huge amount of advice on what to look for in a house and what types of things to expect when owning our own place. This was a big boost in morale for me and my wife after the reality of what we were trying to do was shown to us. During the several months that we were not looking to buy, Jennifer continued to contact us and check in to see where we were at in things. We never felt pressured from her, which for me shows a great respect and understanding, but more of a constant reminder that she would be there when we needed her. Eventually my wife and I were setup and ready to begin looking again and Jennifer responded immediately. She went the extra mile in accommodating our odd schedules to make sure that we both received her full attention. We were happy to know that she was even willing to drive an hour or more to show us houses in the areas that we wanted without reserve that we might not pick any of those houses. When we finally chose to put in an offer on the house, Jennifer made every effort to get the seller and us the information we needed in as quick a time as possible. She paid close attention to the interests of myself and my wife and when we finally closed on the house she surprised us with a thoughtful gift of food storage, something that I had told her I was excited to finally be able to have. I didn't expect the attention and thoughtfulness that Jennifer showed us and continues to show us. Throughout this journey, Jennifer was not only an agent trying to make a sell, but ended up beginning a friendship that will last. Jennifer brought consistency, determination, positivity, and friendship to the table in an organized and professional manner. I feel confident that she shows the same attention with any other client that has passed or will pass through her able hands. I cannot thank you enough, Jennifer, for what you've done for us and the company and professionalism that you represent. Incredible work!


Tyler and Aubrey Smith

Jennifer was amazing to work with. She made the process of selling our first home super smooth and straightforward. She was very clear in setting out expectations and giving advice where needed, but always put our wants and needs first. I was very impressed by how well she communicated each step of the process and always gave us updates so we never felt left in the dark. I would absolutely work with Jennifer again and recommend her to anyone!


Ben and Paige Weaver

Our experience with Jennifer Clark has been exceptional. Her experience makes her very knowledgeable and well rounded. Jennifer helped us sell our house and purchase a new one. She was patient and available for all our questions and needs. She is very professional, and had our best interests in mind. Her commitment is genuine. She followed up with us after the move. That interest meant a lot to us. We really appreciated our experience with Jennifer. Any client of hers is in good hands.

Jennifer and Jason Salvesen 

My wife and I are so grateful to Jennifer. She made our first house buying experience way less intimidating than I thought it would be. We have been putting off buying a house for years. I have always been hesitant of working with anyone in industries where large amounts of money are on the table. I was considering other, online realtor services that seemed to require less personable interaction for purchasing a house. But, before going that route I felt I should talk to Jennifer first, and I'm glad I did.

What we love about Jennifer:


Jennifer always knew what was going on and constantly kept us apprised of what was happening during the entire process. She understood the area and many of the gotchas that come with home buying in the Salt Lake Valley. She educated us on what to look for and consider so we could compare it to future houses she showed us. We visited several houses that we weren't into, but that info helped Jennifer filter those types of houses for us she knew we wouldn't like.

Follow through:

With my first bad experiences with beginner home buying, I was pleasantly surprised at how "on-the-pulse" Jennifer was with communicating and showing up.

Representative-mama-bear (For lack of a better term!):

There were times where I didn't know if it were my place to ask something, having somewhat of a non-confrontational introverted personality, Jennifer many times anticipated my questions and asked them of the sellers herself if I didn't already ask her to do so first. It felt like she wanted us to be as comfortable as possible and make sure our concerns were met.


The online service I tried before speaking with Jennifer didn't even call me back about my mortgage inquiries, nor did a loan officer from a local bank get back to me. I know Jennifer isn't a mortgage consultant, but her connections with others she has worked with and trusted in the past exceeded my expectations of educating me, communicating, and helped me make the right decisions. Everyone from the mortgage guy, to the title company, and inspector she recommended were wonderful.

Without her, we wouldn't have found our dream house that was off-market. She kept us in her thoughts and remembered about it and reached out to the lovely sellers in the off-chance they were still interested in selling. Jennifer recognized it was a great fit for us. And she was right! No online service would have done that for us!

Thank you, Jennifer, the match maker!!

Jim and Snezhana

Jennifer is the best! She knows the market, knows the area, and knows the process. Her experience, cheerful attitude, and thoughtfulness transformed a stressful experience into an achievable one, and she always made us feel like we were her top priority.
Jennifer took the time to listen, and was impressively attuned to exactly what we (and our kids) wanted in a home. She always left the big decisions in our court, free of judgement or pushiness. That empathy for us (the buyer) was also seen in her understanding of the seller. In crafting our offer letters, she knew exactly what details to include that would eventually land us our home, despite the fact that we weren't the best offer by several thousands of dollars.
Despite our hundreds of questions, emails, and late-night texts, Jennifer's guidance and constant smile (even through a mask) relieved a lot of anxiety about the lengthy process of buying a home. We'd highly recommend her!
Roger & Karen McMullan
We are all moved into our new house and loving it! The process went very smoothly, despite having the first two offers back out of our old house. Jennifer did all she could to make sure that we could get our house sold quickly so we could move ahead with our purchase. I had complete trust in her and I knew that she cared about us. I truly felt like we were "in good hands". I loved that she did all the little extras, like giving me a booklet to keep track of houses, box labels to make sure the movers put boxes where I wanted them to, and cookies when we signed the loan agreement. So thoughtful! 
Thank you Jennifer!!! 
Mindy & Steve Rowley

I really loved working with Jennifer.  Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming.  She helped me through the process of buying my first house!  She walked me through all of the steps when I needed clarification and she stuck with me through all the house hunting.  She would set up appointments when I needed them and right away.  I would really recommend Jennifer as your Realtor. 


Mallory Dawson

Here's what some of my clients are saying about me:

I really loved working with Jennifer. Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming. She helped
me through the process of buying my first house! She walked me through all of the steps when I needed
clarification and she stuck with me through all the house hunting. She would set up appointments when
I needed them and right away. I would really recommend Jennifer as your realtor.
Mallory Dawson
I really loved working with Jennifer. Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming. She helped
me through the process of buying my first house! She walked me through all of the steps when I needed
clarification and she stuck with me through all the house hunting. She would set up appointments when
I needed them and right away. I would really recommend Jennifer as your realtor.
Mallory Dawson
I really loved working with Jennifer. Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming. She helped
me through the process of buying my first house! She walked me through all of the steps when I needed
clarification and she stuck with me through all the house hunting. She would set up appointments when
I needed them and right away. I would really recommend Jennifer as your realtor.
Mallory Dawson
I really loved working with Jennifer. Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming. She helped
me through the process of buying my first house! She walked me through all of the steps when I needed
clarification and she stuck with me through all the house hunting. She would set up appointments when
I needed them and right away. I would really recommend Jennifer as your realtor.
Mallory Dawson
I really loved working with Jennifer. Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming. She helped
me through the process of buying my first house! She walked me through all of the steps when I needed
clarification and she stuck with me through all the house hunting. She would set up appointments when
I needed them and right away. I would really recommend Jennifer as your realtor.
Mallory Dawson
I really loved working with Jennifer. Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming. She helped
me through the process of buying my first house! She walked me through all of the steps when I needed
clarification and she stuck with me through all the house hunting. She would set up appointments when
I needed them and right away. I would really recommend Jennifer as your realtor.
Mallory Dawson
I really loved working with Jennifer. Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming. She helped
me through the process of buying my first house! She walked me through all of the steps when I needed
clarification and she stuck with me through all the house hunting. She would set up appointments when
I needed them and right away. I would really recommend Jennifer as your realtor.
Mallory Dawson


Jennifer was wonderful to work with. Her experience and expertise were invaluable to us. We encountered some very interesting and unique challenges while selling our home and Jennifer was with us through it all. She handled everything with professionalism and grace. Her calm demeanor helped us successfully navigate the sell of one home and the purchase of another. She is attentive and understanding and made us feel as if we were her only concern through the entire process. Working with her made buying and selling a home seem like a breeze! 

-Mark and Tracy Kauffman


The process of buying a house beyond the want to do so, is a maze of unfamiliar steps and paperwork. Taking on this challenge without assistance would be like doing someone else’s taxes through telegraph.  I was truly fortunate to have Jennifer for guidance and support. She was there to explain every procedure and to ensure nothing was signed, initialed, or even read with confusion. Her organization and attention to detail throughout the experience allowed me to focus on what I was looking for in a house. Any question or reservation I had from beginning to end she was there to accommodate almost immediately. I recommend Jennifer to anyone who dislikes stress and wants the process of buying a home to be a positive memory.


William Browning


Buying your first house can be such a stressful experience. Trying to decide what is best for the best price that will make your family happy! So many hard choices. Then having to worry about learning how to care for a home on top of that. I am so grateful for finding Jennifer Clark to be our Realtor. She made the whole process so much less stressful and even fun. We loved spending time with her finding the perfect home. After we purchased, she still did not stop helping us. She helped us find resources for our new home and has checked in with us regularly to check up how it is going. We literally could not say enough about how much we loved working with Jennifer. If you need help, she has your back. We will continue to be her friends for life. We love living in our first home thanks to her.


Meagan & Alex Drebing


"Jennifer was the best agent we've ever worked with! She recently helped us sell our home and buy a new one. She was personable, friendly, and kept us informed of the steps of the process all along the way. She was knowledgeable and shared in all of the emotions that come when buying and selling a house. She was available whenever I needed to chat via marco polo, text or fb chat. We are forever grateful for all of her help and answering all of our questions. I consider her a friend and would recommend her to anyone needing to buy or sell a home in Utah!"
-Julia Cosper
Client & Friend


I went to Jennifer to help us when we started looking for a new home. Jennifer is a friend and someone I trusted. I first called her to see if she could schedule an appointment for a home that we were interested in, she did. I most appreciated that she was not pushy; I told her up front that we were not in a hurry but would look for the home that was best for us.


Once we found the home we were sure was the “one”, I called Jennifer and told her we would need to move quickly. She was enjoying her daughter’s birthday on a Saturday morning; as soon as she was done, she put the offer in and was able to secure acceptance of the offer that evening.


Once we put our existing home on the market Jennifer scheduled the open house. It was a busy day for her securing six different offers on our home. We actually accepted an offer with two backups for more than we initially listed the home the day of the open house. The closing was relatively smooth, Jennifer was knowledgeable and helped us through the entire process.


If you are looking for a Realtor that you can trust, who tries to understand your needs, and is not pushing you to purchase something that is not right for you or your budget, and is straight up and confident on what you should list a home for and what improvements do/don’t matter to sell your home, Jennifer Clark is the Realtor for you.


Kelli Thomas


I was sad to sell our house. Circumstances required it, but thankfully Jennifer made it an easy process. She helped us make adjustments to improve our home and was very honest and helpful in regards to the selling process (always offering us multiple options if possible); as well as being honest about the pros and cons of certain potential buyers. Then we didn’t stress about having someone pass it up for another home. We wanted someone who truly desired and loved our home like we did. And Jennifer eventually found them! When there were hiccups with their ability to buy, she came up with lots of options for us to work with them, to make the sale possible. I definitely will call her up again when it’s time to find a new home.


Nicole and Terry Allen


Jen is a wonderful Realtor! When we started looking for a home our experience went better than expected. She was always making sure that we were on the same page and letting us know about the next steps we would be encountering. She was great about answering our questions. Never skipped a beat, very helpful getting us into the right home in our budget in the area we wanted. Jen was fun and professional to work with and we recommend her 110%!!


Casey Partridge and Alema Frame


I had a great experience working with Jennifer. She helped me every step of the way, including getting my home ready to sell, staging it, taking professional pictures, and even helping me move furniture to my storage shed! The whole process would have been a lot more stressful if I had not hired Jennifer as my Realtor!


John Snieder

Working with Jennifer was a dream. She helped us with every single step big and small. She is very knowledgeable about the market and every aspect of it. She is organized and professional. She was always available to answer questions, give advice and schedule things for us. She also has incredible contacts for everything! Home inspectors, movers, carpet cleaners, radon inspectors etc. You will not regret using Jennifer as a Realtor. We are in our dream home and we have her to thank for it!
Martin and Lisa Feil
Jennifer was a pleasure to work with throughout the process of buying our first home. She was not only efficient at finding homes for us to consider and negotiating on our behalf, but she also listened to our concerns and took them to heart. At one point in our search we decided we needed to take a break and reconsider our options. Jennifer was very understanding, and stuck with us for nearly a year until we were able to find a home that was right for us. I would recommend her to anyone, but especially those who are buying a home for the first time and would appreciate having someone who can help guide them through the process.


Andrew & Alyson Harward


Selling a home is stressful. Lots of factors go into the process (contracts, showings, etc...). Jennifer took the stress out of the process for us. She genuinely cares about you as a person. She does not see you just as a client. Within 3 days of putting our home on the market we had 3 offers. We accepted one and began the process. Unfortunately that buyer decided to pull their offer a few days after which was very upsetting. Jennifer understood that this is frustrating and that we didn't want to have to put our home back on the market. She took the time and contacted the realtors of the other two offers and the realtors of the other showings. The other two offers had moved on but another buyer that had looked at the home but didn't have a chance to place an offer still really wanted the home. The next day he placed his offer which was just as good as the first. It was great that she did everything possible to keep us from having to go through the hassle of showing our home again. We would recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home. You will not regret it!!!!!


David and Johanni Boel


Jennifer is the best. Jennifer helped us sell our home when we moved out of state. Moving can be a stressful time, but Jennifer took so much of the burden off of our shoulders. Jennifer went above and beyond every step of the way! We knew we were in good hands with her right away!  Her communication was excellent as well as her professionalism. I would highly recommend Jennifer whether you are buying or selling a home!


Josh and Ellie Oberndorfer


What makes a great Realtor?  Someone who listens to what you want.  Then when you don't like the homes, they ask questions to get a better understanding of what you really like and want (even when you don't know it).  Then they find you that perfect place.   Then they go even further than the extra mile to make sure everything goes smooth and easy.  Jennifer was this and more.  Helped me find the perfect place. 


Cynthia Anderson


When I needed a real estate again to help me buy a new home, I knew just who to go to - Jennifer! Jennifer was my agent about 7 years ago and she did a top-notch job then, so I had no hesitation to use her again. Jennifer is very strong at communication which is so key in my opinion. She is very fast to respond to any questions or needs. She goes the extra mile and is very knowledgeable with so much experience behind her. As a bonus, she is extremely pleasant to work with. When the time came that I found the right home for me, she quickly drew up an offer. This was very important as I found that homes could go so fast and I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity. There were a number of other people that really wanted my home. I am convinced that I would not have got my home if it wasn’t for Jennifer’s quick action, knowledge and strategic actions. I highly recommend Jennifer for any real estate needs!!!


Susan Johnson


Over the years we have used a total of 4 different Realtors.  Jennifer has been my favorite.  She was very patient with us throughout our home-buying process as I waited for the 'perfect' home to come up--and then when it did finally, she worked hard to help us get it, even working after hours and driving quite a distance on our behalf.  All the while she was very professional, helpful, knowledgeable, flexible, and extremely personable.  I'd recommend her to anyone in northern Utah who's looking to buy or sell a home.  She's the best!  


Travis and Micaela Hess


I have purchased a few homes throughout my life and I have never been more satisfied with a Realtor as I was this time with Jennifer Clark.  She made the process smooth and seamless.  I am thankful for her professionalism and how she made me feel at ease during the entire process.  Her wisdom went a long way in making up for how little I know about the real estate market.  I strongly recommend Jennifer as a top-notch Realtor.  Sincerely, Eric Johnson


When my wife and I decided to relocate to SLC, a family friend of ours recommended Jennifer as a Realtor. Jennifer provided my wife and I world class service as she continually found houses tailored to our wants and needs while we were states away. She worked with our schedule and took us to view a ton of houses while we were in town and provided helpful, intelligent insights on the Utah housing market. Then, when my wife and I found a house we liked, Jennifer helped us shape our initial offer and guided us through the negotiation process all the way to closing. 

I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to anyone who is considering buying or selling in Salt Lake City - she is a true professional.
Andrew Smith
We had a great experience working with Jennifer!!!! I couldn’t believe how responsive she was to all of our requests and questions, and she knew far more than we ever hoped to about the process of buying a home. Jennifer was great the entire time we had to work with her and never
once did we feel we were left in the dark with any information. We Loved our experience with Jennifer we will definitely be using her for any future home purchases.
Chad Larsen
Jennifer helped us sale our home and buy a new one. She was amazing with all the details and helped us understand the selling process. When it came to buying a new home Jennifer was so patient in looking at many homes with us as we struggled to find one that fit our list of needs and wants. The home we ended up getting Jennifer worked really hard to get us the home and it worked! She knows her stuff and is amazing to work with! 
Shad and Leann Bond
Jennifer goes above and beyond for her clients. She responds to questions very quickly and offers as much guidance as you need. She listens to what you are looking for in a house and then helps you find it. I wouldn't use any other realtor. She's the best!
Alyssa Hurzeler

This was my first time selling a house and Jennifer was very helpful.  She walked through the house on two occasions and guided me on what I should repair or replace.  She helped me price my house right and it was under contract within a week.  Closing was a smooth process and she kept in regular contact with me to make sure I was completing the required items and didn't have any questions.  She even went to my house once to meet a repairman when I didn't have time.  Jennifer is pleasant and efficient.  I would definitely recommend her!


Cherish Jensen


If anyone is looking for a Realtor call Jennifer Johnson Clark-Realtor, she is so awesome. She listens to her clients, what they are looking for and she never trys to push you into something you don't want.  It doesn't feel like she is in it just for a quick buck. It feels more like she is in it cause she has the passion to help people. Thank you Jennifer for being my Realtor and for becoming a friend.


Jose and Candy Morales


We want to give a special shout out to Jennifer Clark for doing a fabulous job getting us into our new home in Lehi. If you are buying or selling a home you need to give her a call. She isn't just in the real estate business; she's in the people business!!


Justin and Ellisa Demetsky


Hiring Jennifer Clark as our Realtor was the absolute best decision we made when we decided to move. She helped us sell one house and buy another and she made what could have been a really stressful time in our life enjoyable and almost fun. She helped us so much every step of the way from giving us tips as to what changes to make in our house to get it sold as quickly as possible, to finding a great loan officer, to listening to all our wishes for a new house and finding the perfect place for us, to answering the hundreds of questions we had.  She kept in constant communication with us so we always knew what was going on with the process and continually checked up with us just to see if we had any questions.  We felt so confident working with her because we knew she was knowledgeable, honest, and hard-working.  And even though we knew she was working with many other clients at the same time, she always made us feel like we were her only clients. We would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone.


Tyler and Amelia Perkins


Over the last year, I have worked with Jennifer in finding the perfect home for me.  I was pretty picky about what I liked and disliked.  Her response time to all of my questions was lightning fast and she is extremely professional and diligent, and she listens to her clients.   
She was very patient, understanding of my needs and what I liked and disliked, and helped me stay within my price range.  She was there every step of the way in the purchase process and made it very seamless and easy for me, as a first time home buyer.  
I would definitely recommend Jennifer, and use her again if I needed her services.  
Jen B


Our opportunity and decision to move was a rather quick one. We really didn't know where to start. The thought of selling and buying a house was rather intimidating. We gave Jen a call and she was on top of it all.  She could sense our apprehension and sent us several tips on moving.  There was even one addressing how to help the move go smoothly for children (very helpful). Jen came to our house and gave a few tips on what we could do to improve the look and sell of the home. I was so impressed at how quickly she had the house on the market and how fast it sold.  She was fabulous and with us every step of the way.  Any time we had a question or concern she was always available. Our phone calls and questions were answered immediately. This alone helped to alleviate my stress. Her knowledge and professionalism was outstanding, yet she was also very personable. We really enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to those looking for a Realtor.


David and Alisa Brand


After a long process with trying to sell our home with another Realtor, When it came to buying a home we wanted someone we knew and were able to trust in helping us find our new home, We wanted someone who would communicate very well, and after talking to a few family members they suggested Jennifer Clark, that was the best decision we ever made, we sat down with Jennifer one afternoon and told her what we wanted in a home and the search was on. When we found our new home Jennifer was quick with the paperwork and communicated very well with us, as to the next steps in the process, Jennifer was great the entire time we had to work with her and never once did we feel we were left in the dark with any information. We Loved our experience with Jennifer we will definitely be using her for any future home purchases.   


Dallin and Jamie Cromer


When one is looking to sell their home and purchase 
another, the most important characteristic above all in looking for a Realtor is honesty.  In describing Jennifer Clark, she is honest, intelligent, knowledgable and very accessible. We loved working with Jen.  Our home went on the market in the morning and by the afternoon of the same day we had a strong offer on it. There were others who were very interested in it also that day.That told us she knows how to get the information out there. Jen was with us every step of the way in our process of selling and buying our homes.How grateful we were to know that whenever a question arose all we had to do was to contact her and 
immediately she was back with us with the answers/solutions to our questions and problems. She was our "Security Blanket". Not only was she with us electronically but in person in our selling and buying 
experiences. We cannot say enough good about Jen.  She was so patient and kind to us in all of our interactions.  You can't go wrong with Jen!

Burton and Annette Tagg


Jennifer Clark went above and beyond my expectations! I cannot express to her how thankful I am for all the hours and hard work she put in to help me purchase my home. I was a first time home buyer with no knowledge of how the whole process worked and, to top it off, I wanted to pursue buying a foreclosed home owned by Fannie Mae! We were in for a long ride, to say the least! I couldn't have done it without the patience, knowledge, and kindness of Jennifer. At the beginning I was very hesitant and scared to commit to buying a home but Jennifer took several hours to ensure I understood what I was getting into, and helped ease my nerves. She was so honest and extremely knowledgeable. She helped me so much and was there any time I had questions. She was very tentative and kept me updated every step of the way. She has become a dear friend and I am so thankful I got to work with her. She will do an amazing job for anyone that hires her as their Realtor. I have never met a more honest, thoughtful, hard-working, compassionate person. Thank you Jennifer you truly are the best!!


Candice Harris


Jennifer was absolutely the best choice we ever made when it came to selling our home. My husband got a job in Oregon and we had to move FAST. So fast, in fact, that she had to deal with practically everything on her own- as we were not there! We even had an issue arise with our cleaning company that Jennifer handled for us without a second thought. Jennifer is the only person I would have ever trusted to handle my home, and she did so with as much care and responsibility as I could have ever hoped. This is not just her job, this is her passion, and it's clear in everything that she does for her customers. We sold our home for a PREMIUM price, thanks to Jennifer. We sold our home in less than 30 days, thanks to Jennifer. I could go on for days!!


- Courtney and Ryan Dawson


I have been working with Jennifer for many years. She is so easy and pleasant to work with.

As an investor, I require an agent that knows the ins and outs of the real estate market. Jennifer always exceeds my expectations. She makes my job easier and provides exceptional value for my team and me. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone I meet looking to buy or sell their home or property.


Cameron Sharp
Real Estate / Business / Marketing


Jennifer is a great agent. My wife and I wanted two very different things in a house with a few similarities. She was able to find homes for us that were very compromise-able to our needs. Jennifer was also there with us all the way and through to the end of the mortgage process. Thank you again Jennifer for all your help and hospitality. It was great working with you.


Coray and Erica Cooper


Jennifer Clark was an ideal Realtor. She helped us get into the perfect home in record time. She showed us the place, we fell in love, put in an offer the next night with her help, and our offer was accepted the following day. She was professional and kind and trustworthy and we so appreciated her help. She was available when we needed her, answered every question we could think to ask, and helped us smoothly buy our place. We are so grateful to have worked with her and can't recommend her highly enough. She has kept in touch with us since we've moved in and we now consider her a friend, as well as a Realtor we'd highly recommend to anyone in need.


Lexie Kite and Travis Bunderson


I have known Jennifer Clark for a long time.  She has always been a very patient, caring and understanding person. So when I decided to buy a house I naturally went to her. Luckily for me her patient understanding nature held true even with her work. She was always very patient with me and always found the time to answer any questions I had or explain the process and steps I needed to take. With Jennifer Clark helping me through the process, I found buying a home easier then I would have ever thought possible. I would in all honesty highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take the headaches out of buying a house.


Kenneth Hollinger


Jennifer is amazing! She helped us look at several homes and always answered any questions that we had. We wouldn't have been able to get into the house we purchased if she didn't send us the info on the listing as soon as it was listed the same day! We were the first to see it and we knew right away it was for us. Our offer was accepted the same day we saw the house which is now our home.

Working hand in hand with our lender, it couldn't have gone as smooth as it did without Jennifer. We highly recommend her for any realty services.

Julio & Marilei Puentes


Jennifer Clark is an amazing Realtor.  She is very knowledgeable and helpful in every way.  She helped us sell our house in a very short time, and helped make the deal close even when we had moved out of state.  She is always willing to go the extra mile and is a delight to work with.  We would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
Clin and Rachel Twitchell

Jennifer Clark is a great Realtor! She was with me every step of the way. I decided rather quickly to put my house up for sale and, to put it gently, the house wasn't sales ready! It took more time and money than I expected to get it sold, but Jennifer stayed with me, giving me advice (not always what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear), and working with me to accomplish the goals. She is persistent, in a nice way, and never stopped working to find a buyer for my home. She's a wonderful communicator as well; she provided me with feedback from people/agents who had seen the home, which definitely helped the process along.  Especially after I had moved out of state, she kept in touch with me, letting me know what was happening, which I appreciated so much, not being in the area anymore. Thanks, Jennifer. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone in the valley looking to buy or sell a home. 


Linda Jacobs


Jennifer was very professional in handling our sale.  She went “the extra mile” in helping us, as absentee owners, to keep track of what was going on with the property.  She helped us find people to do the work we needed to fix it up and to keep it looking good.  I’ve dealt with a half-dozen or more realtors in the past and Jennifer was right at the top.  I can enthusiastically recommend her.


Merrill Weech


Jennifer helped me and my husband buy our very first home and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. As eager first-time-home-buyers, we wanted to be searching for homes 24/7. Jennifer always made herself available to us, whether that was spending a Saturday looking at homes, or answering questions via phone or email. I never felt like I was bothering her, instead I felt supported and genuinely cared for. I knew she had our best interest at heart, and would help us make the best decision for us. When it comes time to sell and buy again, I'm sure we'll be calling her!


Sheridan & Michael Byington


My husband and I bought our house about a year ago and we couldn’t have done it without Jennifer. She was so patient with us and was always available to answer any questions that we had.  We were looking in a time when the market was very competitive and we looked and made offers on quite a few homes.   Jennifer was with us every step of the way. She was constantly looking for the right house to meet our needs.  In the times that I wanted to give up she was so supportive, and helped us find the perfect place to call home.  Jennifer was such a wonderful person to work with and I would recommend her to any buyer. She treats you like a friend though this process and not just like a client.


Laura & Hunter Utley


My husband and I were looking to buy our first home together, we had no idea what we were doing and Jennifer was always there to answer questions and help make the process a lot less confusing. She gave my husband and I confidence that we can be first time home owners. We had a lot happen in our process of buying a home and it took a long time to get everything together, Jennifer was patient and understanding the whole time. We went through a few lenders, but Jennifer never gave up on us. Jennifer did everything she could to stick with us and get us our home. Jennifer found us a beautiful home that fit our every need. She really does listen when it comes to your needs and wants in your home. I would recommend Jennifer to any of my family and friends. She really is the best! 


Dan & Erica Anderson



There was never any question that my husband and I would have Jennifer be our realtor when we were ready to purchase a home. We originally met her in our neighborhood and knew she was friendly and personable from the outset. As a professional, she was very knowledgeable and explained the whole process to us, which certainly helped allay our fears regarding such an important decision. She listened to what we wanted in our home and found the perfect match! She stayed on top of things, keeping them moving along and communicated any updates right away. It truly was a celebration with her when we signed the closing documents. I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer to anyone I hear of that is looking to buy or sell their home. She is a wonderful person as well as a talented realtor.


 Andrea Morrell


Jennifer has been a great assistance in selling our home. We decided to sell our home on a Saturday evening; we got pictures and mls listing the same night and sign in our yard the next day. She made it so easy to sell, always communicating with us when people came through and following up with the other realtors. I always was kept in the loop. If that wasn't enough she sold our house in a week. She was so knowledgeable with all the paper work and really good at explaining things. The whole process was so smooth. I would definitely use her on the sale of my home and purchase of a home again.


Mike and Janelle Anderson


If I had to put my home selling experience with Jennifer into a few simple words it would be wonderful and grateful! I truly could not have sold my home without Jennifer! She was so helpful in her opinions and perspectives when it came time to make decisions and overcome challenges that come with the buying/selling processes.  She was amazing at keeping me informed through the entire process!  She called with updates, even when the updates were "I don't have anything to report but we haven't talked in a couple of days and I wanted you to know this is what will be coming...." She is an organized, patient, and honest realtor! I appreciate all her hard work on the sale of my home. She made it as fluid a process as I think it can be! I truly feel Jennifer is the best out there! I would refer her to anyone I know! - Thanks Jennifer!


Chelsey Terry


When my husband and I decided to call Jennifer to put our home up for sale, we were just "testing the waters" to see what would happen.  We were pleasantly surprised when she was able to sell our home so quickly.  She gave us great advice to give our home more curb appeal, and her photographer took some beautiful pictures.  


Looking for a new home with Jennifer was a blast.  She was friendly and very professional.  I knew I could count on her to give us an honest opinion about how each one could meet our needs.


Jennifer was there for us through the entire process to answer questions and resolve concerns.  Her calm, patient, and professional manner put our minds at ease with it all.  We will continue to use Jennifer as our personal Realtor, and will recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home.


James and Kimberly Kraft  


My husband and I just loved having Jennifer as our Realtor.  This was our first time selling our house and our second time buying a house.  Jennifer made it all so easy.  We always felt so well informed.  She explained everything so clearly.  We thought the whole process was so much easier than before because Jennifer took time to communicate often and clearly with us.  She gave great advice and we never ever felt pressured to do anything we didn't want to do.  Overall, we had just a fantastic experience with Jennifer and we always recommend her to anyone we know that needs a Realtor.  
Joel and Christine Ellefson


We just bought our house at the end of May and Jennifer Clark was our Realtor. Jennifer did such an amazing job for us. We are so pleased with how everything worked out. We looked at a lot of homes and Jennifer was willing to come to Utah County to look for us. She always listened to our concerns and gave her honest opinion when it came to a house that we were looking at. We ended up putting offers on a couple of different homes but when it came down to the home that we did buy she did such a good job getting everything all figured out so we could meet the government deadline. It ended up being a pain because of the loan that we got but Jennifer was so helpful and suggested an awesome lender. We are so happy and can't thank her enough for doing so much for us. We would recommend her to all my friends and family.

Jodee and Nathan Savage


Jennifer worked very hard to sell our house.  Hard work isn't enough, a Realtor needs to bring an arsenal of sales tools to the table, and she did that.  She has a photographer who took excellent photos of our home and she posted them on several websites.  Flyers were put in a box out front by her sign, and even though the market was awful at the time, she still put forth the extra effort of holding open houses for us.
Dan and Karlie Richardson


After knowing Jennifer Clark for many years, she was my Realtor last year when I decided to buy my first home.  Jennifer proved to be a hard worker and provided the personal touch at the same time.  She was patient and readily available to answer questions and soothe the concerns of a first time homebuyer.  She didn't even mind when my friends decided to trail us everywhere we went.  Thanks to her, I have a wonderful place to live!

Yvonne Paradise


My wife and I were very pleased with the service Jennifer provided us.  We were expecting a job transfer sometime in 2009 and needed to get our house sold quickly. Within a week of listing our home, we had an offer and closed a month later.  Jennifer was very patient in working with us through the whole process, answering our many questions (it was our first home sale).  We even made a little money from the sale, next to impossible in this market. The internet can be a powerful marketing tool and Jennifer leveraged it effectively to get our home out there.  We're looking forward to working with Jennifer in finding our next home when we come back to Utah.

Travis and Micaela Hess


We contacted Jennifer Clark about using her services as a Realtor around the beginning of February. She set up an appointment when she could meet with us at our home and go over what we were looking for and to sign the contracts. Jennifer was great about making sure she had all the information about the houses she thought we might like and that fit all of our requirements. The first time out my Husband fell in love with the first house we looked at. So Jennifer put a bid in for us. Even though we did not get the house, I told my husband that me and Jennifer would go look at more houses and narrow down the ones I thought he would like and that I liked too.  Jennifer was fantastic about showing me homes .We probably looked at another 20 or so houses, finally narrowing it down to five for him to look at. Though me and Jennifer had a pretty good idea which one we were going to pick. And guess what he picked my first choice and the one that Jennifer thought he would like the best. Through all of this and the 5 or 6 more times we went to look at the house, the closing and everything Jennifer was great!  Dan has recommended her to several of his co-workers that are considering purchasing homes. We will continue to recommend Jennifer as a Fantastic Realtor for the service that she did provide and the continued service she does provide to us by just checking up on us and the house every now and then. 
Jennifer we love you, and you’re Fantastic!
Melissa and Dan Limauge


We really enjoyed working with Jennifer.  She was attentive to what we wanted in a home, very patient and easy to work with.  She helped us find not only homes that we liked; she helped us find a home that we loved that fit our budget and lifestyle. We would totally call her again to help us.

Corey and Katie Emerson


Thank you for helping my wife and I, we appreciate the most, the way you communicate often, put our needs first, and made our real estate experience so rewarding. I have recommended you to all our friends and will continue recommending you to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home. Agents like you are hard to find :) Thanks again,
Cameron Sharp


Our experience in working with Jennifer could not have been better. She was able to iron out some of the issues my husband and I had. She made sure that we had plenty of exposure with open houses, great internet photos, flyers and an ad with every major home for sale website. We were always able to keep in contact with one another and were never left to wonder.  She has since been referred to other people we know and they have had the same outstanding service!

Carolyn Sharp


She sent a large number of properties for us to look at.  She was good at dealing with other professionals involved.  She was prompt in getting back to us.  Jennifer has a positive attitude.  

Brandon and Trista Coombs


I would highly recommend Jennifer Clark as your real estate agent.  I had the pleasure of having her for my real estate agent for selling my home.  Jennifer is so well-informed and let me know my full range of options for everything.  She is very well-spoken and explained everything clearly on all points.  Her knowledge and experience are outstanding and so valuable in this important  process.  She really watched out for me and turned around some situations where other people could have taken advantage of me, had it not been for her knowledge and her boldness to step in and take action.  Every step in the selling of the home was well-planned and well thought out.  She paid attention to every detail.  At all times, Jennifer was so professional with everyone that we dealt with.  It is obvious that others enjoy working with her as well.  She used a multitude of avenues to get the word out for selling my home and definitely took advantage of the latest technologies.  Jennifer is such a capable person and can handle anything she sets out to do.  She's a real "go-getter".  She is a wonderful person all around, and very kind, sweet, positive and thoughtful of others.  Thanks, Jennifer!!!!

Susan W. Johnson


When my husband Wesley and I were looking to buy our first home we wanted a Realtor we could trust. We are so grateful we decided to go through Jennifer Clark because she was trustworthy. Since this was our first time buying a home we had many questions and concerns. Jennifer addressed all of our questions and concerns. I cannot count how many times I called her with a question and she was more than willing to help. Wes and I are working college students, so our schedules are busy. When viewing houses Jennifer was so flexible with our schedules. Jennifer always put our needs first. She wanted to make sure we were satisfied. During the process of buying our home some issues arose with our lender. Jennifer went out of her way to see if there was anything she could do to help. I was grateful to have a Realtor that did everything possible to make sure our dream of buying a home came true. Jennifer was very professional and personable at the same time. She is very knowledgeable about real estate and is capable of helping any future homebuyer. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a Realtor that they can trust and rely on.

Wesley and Michelle Butterfield